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Nameri National Park Assam

Nameri National Park is situated on the eastern foothills of the Sonitpur district of Assam. Together with Pakhui National Park of Arunachal Pradesh, Nameri covers an area of 1000 sq kms. The reserve was recognized as a national park in 1998 and River Jia Bhoroli flowing through this park was quite famous as an angling destination in India. Nameri comprises semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests with cane and bamboo brakes and narrow strips of open grassland along rivers. And it is also famed as a birdwatcher’s paradise with 300 species of avifauna like white winged wood duck, great pied hornbill, wreathed hornbill, rufous necked hornbill, black stork, ibisbill, blue-bearded bee-eaters, babblers, plovers. The park is also home to wild animal species like tiger, leopard, sambar, dhole (the Asiatic wild dog), pygmy hog, Indian wild bison, clouded leopard, leopard cat, muntjac, gaur, wild boar, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, capped langur and Indian giant squirrel.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

Enjoy wildlife safari, angling and river rafting in Nameri National Park.

Getting There

The nearest airport to Nameri National Park is situated in Tezpur, which is 35 kms away. One can easily hire a cab from Tezpur to reach Nameri. Rental cabs from Guwahati are also available, which is about 200 kms away.

Nameri National Park Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Nameri National Park is between November and March, when the weather remains pleasantly cool.

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