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Sree Madanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple Kerala

The Sree Madanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple is a famous temple in Kasargod dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is almost 8 kilometers away from the Kasargod town. Also known as the Madhur Temple, the main attraction of this Ganapathy shrine is its beautiful architecture. The temple has a three-tiered dome and copper-plated roofing. The Namaskara Mandapam of this temple is eye-catching with beautiful pictures of mythological characters in wood. A sheltered court is there in the temple against the charming landscape of river Madhuvahini. Pilgrims and devotees believed that taking dip in this river make their body and mind purified. The Kasargod railway station is approximately 9 kilometers from the Madhur temple. Mangalore International Airport in Karnataka is the nearest airport which is around 64 kilometers away from this shrine. Visit the holiest and sacred temples in Kerala through the pilgrimage holiday packages of Tour My India.

Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, Kerala

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