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Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy Temple Kerala

Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy Temple is an ancient temple in South Kerala. Dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, this temple is located at Malayalappuzha almost 8 kilometers away from Pathanamthitta Town. This temple is believed to be built more than 1000 years ago. The Goddesss in this pilgrim center is in a fierce form as she was enshrined in this temple after killing of Darika, the demon. Devotees fondly call her as Malayalappuzha Amma. The idol of the shrine is made of concentrated jaggery (Katu Sarkara Yogam). It is 5.5 feet high and has eight hands. The Bhagavathy in this temple is worshipped by devotees as she protects them from enemies. Many unmarried girls pray to Goddess to bless them with suitable match and unemployed offer prayers to get them suitable job. Malayalappuzha Bhagavathi is noted for extending prosperity for her devotees in general.

The Goddess in Malayalappuzha temple is also known as Idathattil Bhagwathi. The temple had a custom of removing the idol every 12 years. Once, the temple authorities found difficulty to remove the idol from the seat. That night one of them saw a dream in which the Malayalappuzha Amma told him that she doesn’t want to remove her idol from there. She asked him to continue the worship with the same idol forever. The main offering of the deity is flowers. Some of the other offerings are Manjadi seeds and Thoniyari Payasam (a sweet dish). Devotees also offer the set of tobacco, betel leaves, areca nut and camphor to the Bhagavathy in order to fulfill their wishes. The sub-deities of the temple are Brahma Rakshas, Lord Shiva and Nagaraja. Chengannur is the nearest railway station to this temple which is 33 kilometers away. The nearest Thiruvanamthapuram airport is 107 kilometers away from Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy Temple. Plan a trip to this powerful shrine through Tour My India.

Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy Temple, Kerala

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