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Annamalai Temple Idukki Kerala

Annamalai Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Karikode in the Idukki. Visiting this 1800 year old temple with Chola style architecture can be a blissful experience for each pilgrim. There is window in this temple with nine lattices symbolizing the nine planets. The temple got renovation and modifications many times but the ancient structure of it is still intact. It also has another window with five lattices, that representing Pancha Bhootas (5 devil elements). The presiding deity of this temple is Shiva and the idol is made from metal and stone.

There is a stepwell in Annamalai Temple that holds water always. The water in it is considered sacred and it never dries even in extreme drought. Earlier this temple was managed by a private trust. Due to its historic importance, Archaeological Survey of India has taken its control and manages it. Several vital relics related to this temple are kept in some of the museums of Kozhikode and Thrissur. The ancient Chola style architecture of this temple truly fascinates many travelers in addition to devotees.

Visitors can see the features of Tamil architecture in this temple. The statues and lamps made out of stone and metal are truly eye-catching. It is believed that they have been made in the 14th century. Annamalai Temple is nearly 60 kilometers away from the nearest railway station, Kottayam. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport which is approximately 58 kilometers away from this grand ancient temple. Tour My India provide detailed information about the ancient temples in Kerala and offers attractive pilgrimage tour packages for people who wish to visit them.

Annamalai Temple Idukki, Kerala

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