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Made by the Portuguese Santa Cruz Basilica in Kochi, this church is one of the eight Basilicas in India. Situated nearby the famous St. Francis Church, this heritage building of Kerala is also one of the finest cathedrals in India and it serves as the cathedral church of the Diocese of Cochin. It's a Roman Catholic Cathedral situated at K.B. Jacob road in Fort Kochi. It's a holy place and the centre of historical significance, endued with artistic splendor and the colors of the medieval style.


Santa Cruz Basilica was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy 'Francesco de Almeida' when he came to Kochi in the year 1505. On 3rd May of the same year, this church was founded and christened as Santa Cruz Cathedral. Later on, in the year 1663 when the Dutch captured Cochin and ruined all Catholic establishments except the famous St. Francis Church and Santa Cruz Cathedral. But in the year 1795, it was ruined when British took over the city. Only a granite pillar of this monumental cathedral was left after the devastation of the Santa Cruz Cathedral and it is still kept on the southeastern corner of the cathedral. Then in the year 1887, when Bishop Dom Gomes Ferreira was appointed as the hierarch of Cochin, he rebuilt this Santa Cruz Cathedral and it was blessed on November 19, 1902. His efforts were only realized during the rule of his successor Dom Mateus Oliveira Xavier. On 23rd August, 1984, it was stated a Basilica by Pope John Paul II.

Architecture of the Basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica is beautified with two lofty spires, greeting all even from a distance. Its exterior is white-washed and amazingly vivid while the interior is colored in pastel. The interior has antique architecture of medieval period that is overwhelming with its arches and an amazing altar. The seven huge canvas paintings with an attractive reproduction of the 'Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci are real retreat to your eyes. Looking at the ceiling, it's beautifully adorned with paintings showing the scenes from the Via Crucis of Christ. The stained glass windows and intricate wall carvings are other main attraction of the church that adds grandeur to its beauty.

Time to Visit: It remains open from 9 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM.

A number of visitors flock this place for its unique beauty and majesty. So, if you are also looking for the same, then you should keep this destination in your bucket list and know the amazing facts and its historical importance.

  • Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi
  • Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi Kerala
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  • Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi

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