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Indo-Portuguese Museum Kerala

Situated within the premises of the Bishop's House in Kochi, the Indo-Portuguese Museum showcases different artefacts collected from various other churches. It maintains the rich heritage of Indo-Portuguese art, culture and architecture in Kerala. This museum says the story of the past era when Portuguese have a strong influence in this region. It was in fact the dream and aim of Dr. Kureethra who served the tenure of the Bishop of Kochi during his time. This museum is a centre that gives a brief knowledge about the Indo-Portuguese artistic and cultural legacy.


One may take a short leisure walk from Rose Street that leads to the Bishop's Residence where one may find a building in the garden serving as historical museum displayed with various sculptures and antique items associated with the history of Catholic Church. Founded by Late Dr. Joseph Kureethra- the Bishop of Kochi, this museum has five major sections including Altar, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. The major attractions of the hotel are a piece of the altar made up of teak from the Church of Our Lady Of Hope, Vypeen- a chasuble from Bishop's House, processional cross from the Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kochi, and Indo-Portuguese Monstrance from the Church of our Lady of Hope, Vypeen. The museum also has artwork donated by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Opening Hours

Morning- 9 AM – 1 PM

Afternoon- 2 PM – 6 PM

  • Indo-Portuguese Museum Kochi
  • Indo-Portuguese Museum Cochin, Kerala
  • Indo-Portuguese Museum Cochin
  • Indo-Portuguese Museum Kochi, Kerala

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