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The Indian port city of Kochi is Jew Town which is located between Mattancherry Palace and the Pardesi Synagogue. There are popular antique shops along the street which can bewitch every visitor with their variety and curio. The colonial buildings lined up in the street add to its quaint charm too. A large bronze vessel (Vaarpu) which is around 3 meters in diameter is one of the main attractions of this place.


As per the legend,the king of Kochi gave shelter to the Jews from Kodungallore in the year 1524. He allocated them land in Mattancherry which was next to his palace and this area later became the Jew Town.

Antique objects on Exhibit

The antique shops of Jew Town have everything that draw in the eye of a visitor. It includes jewellery, crockery, curios, wooden and metal figurines, statuettes, carved wooden furniture and handicraft items like wooden elephants, wall hangings, paintings, etc. Other items like vintage photographs, Chinese urns, door frames, and glass and ceramic products are also here that were the part of churches or homes of noble families some time ago.

Beside these antiques, there are sculptures, embroidered garments, floral oils, chandeliers, etc., in other shops along the street.

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