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Mananchira Square Kerala

Mananchira Square is a popular tourist destination in Kozhikode, well known for its beautiful surroundings and pleasant ambience, comprises of an artificial stream, open-air theatre, and musical stage. It is located in the heart of Kozhikode city and is wrapped around the Mananchira Tank, which is fed by a natural spring from the time erstwhile ruler ruled the Kozhikode Kingdom. Tourist visits this serene location to spend a relaxing evening amidst the meticulous landscapes of the park, surrounded by trees and plants.

Historical Facts

This beautiful park once used to be a palace tank of King Vikrama, the last Zamorin King, who designed it to meet the water requirement of the town. The tank has been preserved almost in its original form and continues to supply water to the people of the city. The sprawling estate adjoining the tank is now partly converted into a park with important buildings also coming under the same area, including the Public Library, Town Hall, and Commonwealth Trust Office.

Highlights of the Park

The Mananchira Square now includes an artificial hill, sculptures, an open-air theatre, a musical fountain, trees, plants, and shrubs. It gives a pleasant atmosphere to the visitors and make them feel relaxed even when the day is super hot or humid. The Mananchira Square got its name from a man-made lake Mananchira, located in the centre of the city. The lake on the other hand is named after Manadevan Samoothiri, the erstwhile ruler of the Kozhikode Kingdom.

The palace tank at Mananchira has a traditional architectural design and is kept as a reminiscent of the ancient times. There are several beautiful buildings around the tank, that are built in fascinating Kerala style, including the temples, churches, mosques, and many traditional houses. The whole square is encircled by a laterite-sculpted wall and is carpeted with green grass.

This area was primarily the main courtyard of the Zamorin Rulers palace, but later, converted into a beautiful park with an artificial stream, trees, plants, and a musical fountain.

  • Mananchira Square, Kozhikode
  • Mananchira Square Kozhikode
  • Mananchira Square Kerala
  • Mananchira Square Kozhikode, Kerala

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