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Kozhippara Falls Kerala

Set in the lush green surroundings of Kozhikode, the beautiful Kozhippara waterfalls is an ideal location for trekking and swimming in Kerala. It is one of the best waterfalls, which offer plenty of opportunites to adventure enthusiast, who like to explore this spectacular destination. This place is surrounded by dense forests and maticulous landscapes, ideal for trekking and rock climbing. A large number of tourists visit this exotic waterfall to enjoy the serene setting of the jungle and to feel relaxed in the midst of tranquil forest.

Kozhippara houses a beautiful river in the heart of the jungle, lined with coconut palms and lush green trees and which is why its easy to spot exotic birds and water animals here, unusual to spot elswhere. It is one of many places in India, which are set to be invigorating, all thanks to its unmatchable beauty. People visiting this place douche their heads in the waterfall and take a dive in the Kuthradampuzha River, which is the center of attraction here.

Kozhippara waterfall is a hidden destination that very less people know about. It is located in Kuthradampuzha river area and is a perfect location for swimming and jungle trekking. It is believe that the river flowing in this region has rejuvenating qualities that helps in curing sick and old people or those who are suffering from skin diseases.

  • Kozhippara Falls Kozhikode
  • Kozhippara Waterfalls Kozhikode
  • Kozhippara Falls Kozhikode, Kerala
  • Kozhippara Waterfalls Kerala

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