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Krishna Menon Museum Kerala

If you are an ardent fan of renowned statesman late V.K. Krishna Menon, then this place should definitely top your bucket list. The Krishna Menon Museum was established in 1975, to honour the popular Indian leader V.K. Krishna Menon, who was also our former Indian Defence Minister. The museum displays his personal belonging and souvenirs, and houses a good collection of paintings by famous artist Raja Raja Varma and Raja Ravi Varma. The museum is located in the heart of Kozhikode city at East Hill, which is also the home of another famous art gallery Pazhassiraja Museum, dedicated to the famous freedom fighter Pazhassiraja.


The art section of the museum displays exquisite paintings, ivory objects d'art, intricate woodcarvings, kerala mural paintings, and modern paintings. The museum is well-noticed for its collection of paintings of acclaimed artists like Raja Raja Varma and Raja Ravi Varma, who have presented the struggle of India during fight against British East India Company, through their paintings. The museum also displays sovenirs, gifted to and by V.K. Krishnan, who has contributed a lot to India as well as to Kerala, his homeland.

This gallery along with Pazhassiraja museum open everyday except on Mondays & Wednesdays and can be visited only between 1000-1700 hrs.

  • Krishna Menon Museum Kozhikode
  • Krishna Menon Museum Kozhikode, Kerala
  • Krishna Menon Museum, Kozhikode
  • Krishna Menon Museum, Kerala

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