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Kalipoika Kerala

This serene destination will surely win your heart with its breathtaking beauty and spectacular surroundings, enclosed by coconut groves and lush green plantation. Tourists visit this spot to avail facilities like cruising, boating, pedal boating and more on the calm and serene water of Kalipoika, which is about 2 km away from Kozhikode City. Its exact location is at Arayidathupalam, a small village in the midst of Kozhikode, that offers a stunning view of the Western Ghats and attracts hundreds of visitors every day.


One can leisurely cruise on the dappled waters of Kalipoyika and feel close to the nature with lush green plants and trees all around, offering a treat to your eyes. Cruising and pedal boating are the most pleasurable activities at Kalipoyika, where tourists can hire rowboats and pedal boats for a few hours to get lost in the beauty of nature. Kalipoyika is part of Sarovaram Bio Park, a project carried out under the government to preserve wetlands and promote eco-friendly tourism.

This place can be visited at any time of the year, however, if you are keen to watch migratory birds, December is the best time to visit Kozhikode.

  • Kalipoika Kozhikode
  • Kalipoika Kozhikode, Kerala
  • Kalipoika Kerala
  • Kalipoika, Kozhikode

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