Suru Valley Kargil

Fall in the lap of nature where you will only be surrounded by hills, valleys, and rivers. This attractive destination Suru Valley is blessed with grand Rocky Mountains on one side and lustrous green fields on the other. Suru Valley is a must visit place and it is stored with major tourist attractions. With two peaks that praises each other’s beauty, Nun peak stands at 7135 metre and Kun peak stands at 7035 metre giving it a mighty yet attractive appearance. Suru Valley occupies Sanku, Panikhar, Rangdum and all three gives an awe-inspiring destination to visit.

Sankoo is a small town located 40 km south of Kargil. This place has a mix of Turkish and Tibetan architecture style houses. Panikhar is 67 km from Kargil and it is the best place to venture on a mountaineering expedition in peaks like Mt. Nun. Rangdum on the other hand is located 130 km from Kargil. And it has two small villages - Yuldo and Julidok as well as a 18th century Rangdum Monastery.

Getting There

Suru valley is well-connected with Leh by road. There are two routes to reach Suru Valley, from Srinagar and from Manali via Manali-Leh Highway. You can get regular bus services however, you can always hire a cab to get to places like Rangdum and Padum since daily transport services are not available.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Suru Valley is from June to September.

Things to Do & See in and around

There are few tourist attractions around Suru Valley, surrounded by Sankoo, Kartse Khar, Rangdum and Panikhar. Sankoo provides a pleasant picnic spot for the tourists. Here, you can enjoy the lush environment and nearby villages. Kartse Khar has a 7th-century statue of Lord Buddha standing 7-foot tall. Rangdum is a beautiful place and it has a monastery along with two hamlets. Panikhar is the base for the mountaineering excursions.

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