Rangdum Monastery Kargil

Impressive hills, jagged mountains, and glaciers are a few factors that enhance this famous place. Rangdum Monastery in Suru Valley sits at an elevation of 4,031 meters giving an imposing majestic presence. Located in Kargil Suru Valley, this must visit attraction is an 18th-century old monastery and is home to 40 monks and domesticated donkeys. Besides, you will find a prayer hall located in the central part of the monastery and it will give the visitors a clear view of the artefacts and other collections of Tibetan paintings. While here, you will get the feeling of remoteness as this attraction dwells far off the mainland. Despite the fact that the roads may get a little bumpy this major tourist place is gifted with countless beauties from all the sides.

Getting There

Rangdum is well connected via roadways and you can get regular bus services from Kargil and Padum. You can even hire a car from Kargil to travel to Rangdum. The journey may last up to 7 hours or more due to the road being very challenging and rocky.

Things to Do and See in and around

Rangdum Monastery being cut off from the major towns, hopping from one attraction to another may not be possible. However, this monastery is located next to the tiny villages of Yuldo and Julidok. You can pay a visit to these villages and experience their way of living.

Pensi La Pass which leads into Zanskar is about 25 kilometres from the village. Besides, Rangdum is 130 km from Kargil, you can perhaps visit the place on your way back

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Rangdum Monastery is from June to September.

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