Krimchi Temples

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About Krimchi Group of Temples in Jammu

Krimchi Group of Temples is located in Krimchi, a small village located in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. These exceptionally beautiful ancient temples are believed to have been built in the 11th-12th century AD, and locally, they are also known as the Pandava Temples. There are seven ancient Hindu temples in this famous tourist religious site in Jammu, of which four are large and three are small, and all of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

These incredible temples stand on a stone complex, with a small stream flowing at close distance, which enhances its beauty greatly. The amazing architecture of these temples show strong influence of Greek influences, and are extremely pleasing to look at. Sculptures belonging to various deities like Shiva, Ganesh and Parvati are housed inside the temple, while the main temple itself is around 50 feet high. Visit this famous religious and historical attraction in Jammu and Kashmir to get a glimpse of its rich heritage and culture.

Mythology Behind Krimchi Group of Temples

According to the legends associated with the Krimchi Group of Temples, Raja Kichak is believed to have constructed these temples along with the town itself. According to the Mahabharat, the Pandava brothers stayed here for a long time during their exile.

Entrance Fee of Krimchi Temple

You will have to pay an entrance fee of Rs. 15 for entering the Krimchi Temples.

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