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Udhampur Travel Guide

Amidst the forest of Eucalyptus and surrounded by the Shivalik Range, Udhampur in Jammu Region, is a lesser-known yet worth a visit destination. Home to one of the oldest temple complexes in Jammu, this travel place is also known as the 'land of Devika' and 'land of Bowlis.' It is here one can witness the perfect blend of nature, history, pilgrimage, culture, and adventure.

An Insight into Udhampur Tourism

The second-largest city of Jammu Region, Udhampur is a lesser-known tourist destination but certainly not a forgotten one. The city is the part of the district of the same name which is nestled in the Shivalik Range of Himalayas. Needless to say, most part of the district is in the mountains, however, Udhampur city is located on a flatter area making it a place to visit all year round. Built by Raja Udham Singh, the city that got its name after him is also the district headquarters. It is home to a sizeable number of temple and historic places that are a must-visit. The upper regions of the district are hilly, and thus, make for a travel place in the summer season or just to escape the hullabaloo of the city life.

Amongst the major attractions in Udhampur are the temples at Krimchi, which is a small village in the district. The temples here date back to 11th-12th century and are considered amongst the oldest in Jammu region. The temple of Siar Baba is also a popular religious place which sits on the bank of Chenab River, some 6 km away from Reasi Town.

The ISKCON Temple of Udhampur is also a major tourist attraction, it is also recognized as the biggest Radha Krishna temple in Jammu & Kashmir. Some odd 50 km from main Udhampur city, is Shankri Devta temple standing amidst the lush meadows. Annually a fair takes place at the temple which is definitely a must-see to under the culture and belief of the region. Moungri Cave shrine and Sudh Mahadev and Mantalai are two other important religious sites for Hindu devotees in Udhampur to visit. Apart from this, Udhampur boasts an imposing Ramnagar Fort.

It sits on the bank of Kud River and was once under the Sikh rule with Raja Suchet Singh being the ruler. Udhampur, unlike other parts of the state is lesser known, but by no means it is a place to skip. Plan your trip to Udhampur to lay hands on unheard stories and Jammu & Kashmir undisturbed places where nature and history come together to offer an experience of a lifetime.

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