About Udhampur Tourism

Udhampur in Jammu Region, is a worth visit destination. Home to one of the oldest temple complexes in Jammu, this travel place is also known as the 'land of Devika' and 'land of Bowlis.' It is here one can witness the perfect blend of nature, history, pilgrimage, and culture.

The second-largest city of Jammu Region, Udhampur is the part of the district of the same name which is nestled in the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas. Needless to say, most part of the district is in the mountains, however, Udhampur City is located on a flatter area.

Built by Raja Udham Singh, the city that got its name after him, is also the district headquarters. It is home to a sizeable number of temples and historic places that are a must-visit. The upper regions of the district are hilly, and thus, make for a travel place in the summer season.

Best Time to Visit Udhampur


Summer Season

Udhampur City and some more parts of the district experience hot weather in the summer season i.e March to June, making it inconvenient to travel.


Monsoon Season

The monsoon season commences from July and ends in September in Udhampur, which receives moderate rainfall. The weather is usually humid and quite uncomfortable for sightseeing.


Winter Season

The season beginning from October and ending in February, winter is the best time to plan a visit to Udhampur. The weather remains quite pleasant during this time making sightseeing an enjoyable experience.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Udhampur



The largest Radha Krishna temple in Jammu & Kashmir, ISKCON Temple is amongst the top religious attractions in Udhampur.


Krimchi Temples

The oldest group of temples in Jammu Region, Krimchi Temples are a set of 5 large and 2 small shrines set against a beautiful backdrop.


Sankri Devta

Situated on a hillock in Meer Village, Sankri Devta is a religious site to see in Udhampur where an annual fair is the major attraction.


Moungri Cave

A place of religious importance, Moungri Cave in Moungri Village has a number of water springs and was once the abode of Nag Devta.


Ramnagar Fort

Located on the left bank of Kud River, Ramnagar Fort is a historical site in Udhampur that was once under the Sikh Rulers.



Dubbed the sister of River Ganges, Devika River runs under the sandy surface in Udhampur. Cremation on Devika is considered meritorious.

Top Things to Do in Udhampur



Boasting a considerable number of Hindu temples, Udhampur is one of the best places to go on a religious tour.



The markets in Udhampur offer the best of native Jammu as well as Kashmir handicrafts and other items, making it a great...


Adventure Sports

Patnitop and Sanasar offers great opportunities to enjoy thrilling adventure activities like paragliding, skiing, camping, and trekking.

How to Reach Udhampur?


By Air

The nearest airport to Udhampur is in Jammu, which is 65 km away. Taxi and bus services are easily available between Jammu and Udhampur.


By Rail

Udhampur has its own railway station that is connected to many cities and towns of India. Therefore, it is the best way to reach Udhampur.


By Bus

The National Highway 44 connects Udhampur to many cities in India including Jammu, Chandigarh, Delhi etc. Bus and taxi services easily connect Udhampur to many places in Jammu as well as India.

Udhampur Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Udhampur

Finding places to stay in Udhampur is quite easy as the city is dotted with a decent number of hotels. Tourists can find hotels ranging from budget to luxury category which make holiday in Udhampur easy for any type of traveller. Most of the accommodations in Udhampur are found in its Mata Vaishno Devi University area.

Top Things to Do in Udhampur

With a large number of Hindu temples dotting the city as well as the district, performing pilgrimage is a must in Udhampur. The markets in Udhampur offer a number of handicraft items native to Jammu & Kashmir along with many other items, making shopping an unmissable thing to do.

Top Attractions in Udhampur

There’s quite a lot to see in Udhampur City and district which makes it amongst the top places to visit in Jammu. Udhampur is primarily popular for its Hindu temple, and ISKCON Temple, Krimchi Temple, Sankri Devta Temple, and Nag Devta Temple are some of the top religious attractions here.

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