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About Shikara Ride in Kashmir

A Shikhara is a traditional Gondola type light rowing boat which is mostly seen on the pristine Dal Lake, apart from other lakes. It is one of the most incredible and relaxing aspects of a holiday in Kashmir, and should be included in your itinerary if you want to experience the surreal beauty of this region to the fullest. Along with the houseboats, it is also considered to be a cultural symbol. But even apart from leisure and tourism purposes, the shikhara is also used by the locals for seaweed harvesting, fishing and transportation. To watch these beautifully decorated boats glide serenely on the lake is a treat to the eyes, and you should definitely not miss out on this experience during your holidays in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Places to Visit with a Shikara Ride in Kashmir Valley


Taking a Shikara ride is one of the most relaxing, fun filled and enjoyable ways to go sightseeing during your holidays in Jammu and Kashmir. Some of the famous tourist places which you can visit with a shikara ride in Jammu and Kashmir are Nishat and Shalimar gardens. Hazratbal Mosque is another famous tourist place in Kashmir Valley that can be visited with a shikara.

Places in Kashmir Valley Where You Can Enjoy a Shikara ride

The most famous place in Kashmir Valley where you can enjoy a Shikara ride is the fabulous Dal Lake, with its gorgeous views and incredible surroundings. You can reach the Nehru Park, the island of Char Chinar, and a couple of hotels and restaurants located at its edges while enjoying a shikara ride.

Nigeen Lake, although a part of Dal Lake, is great for enjoying a shikara ride. It is much calmer, serene and surrounded by snow capped peaks, and treats you to spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset.

Special Highlights and Features of Shikara Ride

  • Enjoy amazing views surrounding the Dal Lake
  • Incredible sightseeing Visit attractions around Dal Lake Shalimar Gardens, Hazratbal Mosque and Nehru Park