About Patnitop Tourism

A beautiful hill station situated in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, Patnitop was originally known as ‘Patan Da Talab’ which literally translates to ‘The Pond of the Princess.’  Located on a scenic plateau of the Shiwalik Range of the Himalayas, this tourist place in Jammu Region boasts green meadows and panoramic views of the glittering snow-capped peaks. The most popular hill station of Jammu Region, Patnitop offers a number of treks, few temples, monuments, and a garden for a memorable holiday with family, friends or even a partner.

Best Time to Visit Patnitop


Summer Season in Patnitop

The season begins with the month of March and ends in June. The temperature during the summer season in Patnitop remains between 15°C - 25°C making it the best time to plan a holiday.


Monsoon Season in Patnitop

Beginning from July, monsoon is not at all a bad time to plan a vacation in Patnitop. The temperature dips a bit but due to little moderate rain, Patnitop holiday plan can still be made.


Winter Season in Patnitop

The winter season begins from October and stays till February. During this season, Patnitop receives snow. It is a good time to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Patnitop.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Patnitop



The place where Goddess Parvati used to bathe before offering prayers at Sudh Mahadev, Gaurikund Temple is now a popular..


Sudh Mahadev Mandir

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sudh Mahadev Mandir is believed to be 3000 year old and has immense religious importance.



An important hiking destination near Patnitop, Shiva Garh is known for its picturesque settings and is an ideal location for picnics.



An urban base near Patnitop, Udhampur is an important city that offers connectivity to many important sightseeing places in Jammu.


Engraved Stair

On Patnitop-Sanasar Road, Billo ki Powri (Engraved Stairs ) is an interesting site to visit with a flight of 400 stairs carved out of a rock. 

Top Things to Do in Patnitop



The thrilling of soaring in the sky gets better in Patnitop with the paragliding experience it offers to its adventure loving visitors.



Winters in Patnitop can be best enjoyed with trying your hand at the adventure activity of skiing on some thrilling slopes.


Hiking & Trekking

Offering several scenic trails to relish the beauty of nature, Patnitop is the perfect place for hiking, trekking, and nature walks.



Don’t miss buying the delicious sweet, Patisa and dry fruits while vacationing in the popular hill station of Patnitop.

How to Reach Patnitop?


By Air

The nearest airport to Patnitop is situated in Jammu City which is 110 km away. Taxis are available from Jammu Airport for Patnitop.


By Rail

The nearest railway stations to Patnitop are situated Jammu City (110 km) and Udhampur (46 km). From both these destinations, taxis are available for Patnitop.


By Bus

The National Highway 44 connects Patnitop to many destinations in Jammu Region including Jammu City, Udhampur, Katra etc.

Patnitop Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Patnitop

Being a popular getaway for family and honeymoon couples, Patnitop offers a sizable number of hotels for its visitors. For family vacationers, Patnitop has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury, so vacations in every budget can be enjoyed in this popular hill station.

Top Things to Do in Patnitop

As much as Patnitop is a quiet and calming destination, it is a hub of many exciting activities that visitors would love to indulge in. Patnitop offers an opportunity of paragliding to adventure buffs who can enjoy an incredible bird’s eye view of the hill station and around. In winters, the adventure enthusiasts can relish gliding down the gentle slopes while skiing in Patnitop and Madhatop. 

Top Attractions in Patnitop

A small hill station, Patnitop has enough attractions to draw tourists on their holiday in Jammu. A perfect retreat for nature lovers and adventure buffs, Patnitop has places like Madhatop, Nathatop, and beautiful Shiv Garh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far is Patnitop from Jammu?

Patnitop is situated at a distance of about 110 km from Jammu City.

Q. What time of year we can get to see snowfall in Patnitop?

During the winter season (December to February), one can see snowfall in Patnitop.

Q. What are the accommodation options in Patnitop?

The accommodation option in Patnitop ranges from budget hotel to luxury resorts. There are family-friendly hotels as well as accommodation for honeymoon couples.

Q. Can we cover Patnitop with our Mata Vaishno Devi tour?

Yes, Patnitop can be easily covered with Mata Vaishno Devi tour. Patnitop is situated only at a distance of 85 km from Katra and is well-connected by road.

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