About Kishtwar Tourism

Kishtwar, fondly known as the land of sapphire & saffron, is a district located almost 235 kilometres from Jammu that boasts fascinating mountains, valleys, panoramic vistas of pristine rivers and flowering grasslands, making it one of best travel destinations in Jammu and Kashmir, not just for sightseeing, but for adventure & spiritual tourism as well.

This extremely beautiful tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir is blessed with a natural beauty which is unmatched. It is blessed with lovely valleys, fruit orchards, deodar & pine forests, happily flowing streams, lush meadows & an abundance of wild flowers. During your trip to Kishtwar district, you should also explore its spectacular saffron fields, which are distributed across villages like Pochhal, Hatta, Bera Bhatta, Matta & Berwar, and should be visited from October to November.

Best Time to Visit Kishtwar


Summer Season

Summer starts from April in Kishtwar, and is a great time to visit it because it’s particularly beautiful during this time.


Monsoon Season

Monsoon in Kishtwar begins in July and ends in September. However, it is not affected a lot by the rains, and you can go sightseeing & visiting Kishtwar National Park.


Winter Season

Winter in Kishtwar begins from October and ends in December, when the temperature drops to sub-zero, making it ideal for sighting snowfall. 

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kishtwar


Shrine of Shah Asrar

Shrine of Shah Asrar is situated in southeast of Chowgan. It is a highly revered shrine and is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kishtwar.


Kishtwar National Park

One of the popular wildlife destinations in Jammu & Kashmir, it attracts a large number of wildlife lovers with its rich flora & fauna...


Machail Mata

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, Machail Mata Mandir is a popular Hindu temple in Machail Village in Paddar, Kishtwar.



Scenic place in Kishtwar is surrounded by Chinar, Deodar and different kinds of trees and spreads in an area of 165-acre.


Sinthan Top

Sinthan Top is a mountain pass which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kishtwar.

Top Things to Do in Kishtwar



Enjoy sightseeing at Qilla Kishtwar, Katarsamna, Bharnoin, saffron fields, bhandarkoot, Mughal Maidan, Padyarna, Chowgan & Machail Mata.



Explore the rich flora & fauna & the gorgeous views of Kishtwar National Park.



Paragliding & rock climbing is famous at famous tourist spots in Kishtwar like Paddar and Wadhwan Valleys...

How to Reach Kishtwar?


By Air

The nearest airport to Kishtwar is Satwari Airport in Jammu, located at a distance of almost 250 kilometers, which operates flights to all major cities of India.


By Rail

The nearest railway station to Kishtwar is Udhampur Railway Station, located at a distance of almost 180 kilometers. Private taxis are available from the railway station.


By Bus

Kishtwar is connected to various parts of Jammu & Kashmir via NH 1B. Private & state run buses are available from Jammu, Udhampur & Srinagar.

Kishtwar Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Kishtwar

You will find limited accommodation options in Kishtwar, with staying options ranging from budget to mid range hotels & lodges. You can also book a stay at the PWD rest houses in Kishtwar, which ensure you have a comfortable stay during your family holiday & honeymoon tour.

Top Things to Do in Kishtwar

Kishtwar, with its saffron fields, fruit orchards, meadows, streams & captivating natural beauty, is amazing for enjoying its natural beauty. The top things to do in Kishtwar include sightseeing, adventure activities like trekking & paragliding, visiting a historical site & exploring its rich wildlife in Kishtwar National Park.

Top Attractions in Kishtwar

The district of Kishtwar, located almost 235 kilometers from Jammu, is blessed with exceptional beauty, so beautiful that you have to see it to believe it. There are meadows, valleys, fruit orchards, lush meadows, gorgeous views of mountains & tranquillity, all of which make it a top tourist place in Jammu and Kashmir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to reach Kishtwar?

Since Kishtwar does not have its own airport or railway station, the best way to reach Kishtwar is by road. Kishtwar is connected to various parts of Jammu and Kashmir via NH1B. State run as well as private buses are available from Jammu, Udhampur and Srinagar.

Q. Why should one visit Kishtwar?

You should visit Kishtwar for sightseeing, wildlife and adventure. You can enjoy sightseeing at Qilla Kishtwar, Padyarna, Katarsamna, Bharnoin and Machail Mata, to name a few places. At Kishtwar National Park, you can spot its rich variety of flora & fauna. Adventure opportunities in Kishtwar exist in the form of paragliding, trekking and rock climbing.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kishtwar?

April to October is the best time to visit Kishtwar, since at this time, the weather is extremely pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. However, Kishtwar can also be visited throughout the year, particularly during winter, if you want to enjoy snowfall.

Q. Is it safe to visit Kishtwar with family?

Yes, it is safe to Kishtwar with family.

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