About Achabal Tourism

Famous for its Mughal Gardens, Achabal is a charming tourist destination in Kashmir valley, nestled in the hills of Anantnag district. It is also blessed with surreal beauty and this is the reason many tourists across the globe come here to spend their family vacations.

Mughal Gardens is one of the famous tourist places in Achabal to witness its breathtaking beauty. Dotted with springs, giant chinar trees, the water flowing in canals, platforms & pavilions lend it a royalesque feeling, as it was meant to be. Its mesmerising beauty makes it a haven for photographers.

Best Time to Visit Achabal


Summer Season

Summer in Achabal starts from March & ends in June. Flowers are in full bloom during this time, thus enhancing the overall beauty of the landscape.


Monsoon Season

Achabal, like other famous places in Kashmir, does not receive heavy rainfall, and is therefore great for a monsoon getaway. 


Winter Season

Winter starts from October & lasts till February, lending a new kind of beauty to the overall landscape. Everything looks surreal while covered with snow.

Top Things to Do in Achabal



Your sightseeing tour of Achabal should involve a visit to Mughal Gardens, Chattabal, & Trout Farm.



Visit the Nagdandi Ashram, a great place to experience serenity & spirituality. It was visited by Swami Vivekananda in 1898.



Take a cultural tour of Achabal & visit the famous Martand Sun Temple, built in the 8th century & believed to be the most famous...



Take a tour of the Trout Breeding Farm to watch the fishes in their various stages of growth & buy them if you feel like.

How to Reach Achabal?


By Air

Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport is the nearest airport to Srinagar, located almost 77 kilometers away. It operates regular flights to the major cities of India. 


By Rail

The nearest railway station to Achabal is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, located at a distance of almost 255 kilometers. From Jammu, one can catch a bus to Achabal.


By Bus

Achabal is connected to Jammu and Srinagar by roadways. Buses from Jammu to Achabal are available in the morning. From Srinagar, you can catch the bus to Anantnag, and then from Anantnag to Achabal.

Achabal Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Achabal

Although you won’t find many accommodation options in Achabal, there is a hotel run & maintained by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation, located a few minutes away from the garden. Various accommodation options are available at Anantnag.

Top Things to Do in Achabal

Achabal, a charming tourist destination in Kashmir famous for its Mughal Gardens & other exceptionally beautiful places like Chattabal, offers you several opportunities for sightseeing and relaxation. 

One of the top things to do in Achabal include a visit to the famous Mughal Gardens, built in 1620 by Empress Noor Jehan and named Begumabad to honour her.

Top Attractions in Achabal

The most famous tourist attraction in Achabal is the Mughal Gardens, which are unbelievably beautiful with their canals, chinar trees, platforms, pavilions, and walkways lined with trees & flowers.

Other famous sightseeing attractions in Achabal are Martand Sun Temple, an 8th century Surya temple located on a hilly plateau with the backdrop of snowcapped Pir Panjal peaks and offering incredible views of the Kashmir Valley.

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