About Sanasar Tourism

Sanasar, named after the villages of Sana and Sar, is a scenic cup-shaped meadow in Jammu Region. This place is a haven for adventure buffs with its numerous adventure activities like paragliding, trekking, and camping. With its dense coniferous forests, extensive flower-laden meadows and majestic Himalayan mountains, Sanasar is also an ideal holiday destination near Patnitop for nature lovers who want to escape the chaos of city life.

Adventure lovers in Sanasar can test their nerves by gliding over its majestic landscape. Sanasar is also a hub for trekkers owing to its many trekking trails. The trails of Ladoo Ladi from Madhatop and Shanta Gala, a pass on the Shanta ridge, from where one can enjoy the panoramic views of the Panchari Valley are amongst the top sites for trekking.

Best Time to Visit Sanasar


Summer Season in Sanasar

The months between March and June are the best time to plan a trip to Sanasar. It is a good time to enjoy adventure activities like paragliding, camping, and trekking here.


Monsoon Season in Sanasar

The monsoon season marks its arrival in the month of July and ends in the month of September. There are chances of landslide during the monsoon season, thus, it is advised to check the weather forecast and road condition before planning a trip in the rainy season here.


Winter Season in Sanasar

The winter season commences from the month of October, bringing the temperature down to 0℃ or even less. In the months of January and February, Sanasar experiences snowfall which is quite delightful to witness.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Sanasar


Sanasar Lake

A pretty lake set amidst lush meadows and fringed by coniferous tree lining; Sanasar Lake is the prime attraction in Sanasar.


Nag Temple

A 600-year old temple, Nag Temple draws the attention of Hindu devotees and tourists alike on their Sanasar holiday.


Shank Pal Temple

As old as 400 years, Shank Pal is a stone-made temple that can only be witnessed after a 5-hour trek from Sanasar.


Suri Kund

A beautiful and pristine pond, Suri Kund sits a short distance from Shank Pal Ridge and can only be reached trekking 7 hours from Sanasar.


Golf Course

A 9-hole golf course is the recent addition to the attractions of Sanasar. The golf course is a picturesque sight to enjoy in Sanasar.

Top Things to Do in Sanasar



The adventure of paragliding in Sanasar entails a low flight above the lush meadows, beautiful lakes, and serene settings.



A number of trails branch out from Sanasar leading to captivating places making trekking here an experience...



Camps set up on the meadows and the sparse forest areas around Sanasar offer an incredible experience of camping under the star-lit sky.



A 9-hole golf course in Sanasar offers a good opportunity not only to enjoy this classy sport but appreciate the stunning natural settings.


Rock Climbing

Dotted with a variety of rocky cliffs amidst the coniferous forests, Sanasar makes a great rock-climbing destination for adventurers.



Get a thrill of a 25-foot over the edge descent with the assistance of a rope in Sanasar, an experience you will not forget.

How to Reach Sanasar?


By Air

The nearest airport to Sanasar is situated in Jammu city which is 133 km away. Jammu airport is well-connected to many major cities and towns of India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar etc. Taxis and buses are available from Jammu for Sanasar regularly.


By Rail

The nearest railheads to Sanasar are in Jammu (133 km) and Udhampur (64 km). Trains to both these railway stations ply from many places in India. Buses and taxis from Jammu and Udhampur are readily available for Sanasar.


By Bus

The National Highway 44 connects Sanasar to many important destinations in India including Jammu, Delhi, Chandigarh etc. Public buses and private taxis are available from places like Jammu on a regular basis to reach Sanasar. From Patnitop, a short ride of 20 km leads to Sanasar.

Sanasar Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Sanasar

Sanasar has limited accommodation option, nonetheless, the experience of staying amidst peaceful settings and enjoying surreal views is something you wouldn’t forget. This beautiful tourist destination offers the chance to stay in tents/camps which also conduct all the adventure activities Sanasar is famous for. There’s also a resort which seems perfect for family vacationers as well as romantic couples.

Top Things to Do in Sanasar

Sanasar is an adventure lover’s paradise as it offers enthralling adventure activities like paragliding. The popular destination in Jammu is perfect for enjoying low flights over the verdant meadow and scenic lakes. Apart from paragliding, another popular activity for a thrilling holiday in Sanasar is trekking. There are a number of trekking trails around Sanasar that lead to beautiful destinations. Some of the treks are family-friendly too.

Top Attractions in Sanasar

The scenic Sanasar is home to naturally blessed attractions. The top attraction of this popular place in Jammu is obviously its pristine Sanasar Lake. Embedded in the lush meadows, this beautiful lake is a visual delight we all can fall in love with. Tucked away at a short distance away is the Nag Temple that also compels tourists to hike to it in order to enjoy its magnificence.

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