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Sanasar Travel Guide

Sanasar, named after the villages of Sana and Sar, is a scenic cup-shaped meadow in Jammu Region. This place is a haven for adventure buffs with its numerous adventure activities like paragliding, trekking and camping. With its dense coniferous forests, extensive flower-laden meadows and majestic snow-clad mountains, Sanasar is also an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers who want to escape the chaos of city life.

An Insight into Sanasar Tourism

Situated at an elevation of 2050 meters, Sanasar is a remote and quaint hill station near Patnitop in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. With its stunning landscape of blooming meadows, towering mountains and dense forests, Sanasar is one of the best places to visit in India to enjoy a peaceful holiday away from the boisterous crowds of cities and the havoc of civilization.

Its mountainous terrain and green plains make it the perfect destination for paragliding. Test your nerves and experience the pristine beauty of the valley by gliding over its majestic landscape, attractive meadows and dazzling lakes. Sanasar is also a hub for trekkers owing to its many trekking trails. The trails of Ladoo Ladi from Madhatop and Shanta Gala, a pass on the Shanta ridge, from where one can enjoy the panoramic views of the Panchari Valley are amongst the top sites for trekking.

Sanasar also have religious places blessing the place. Perched on top of the Shank Pal Ridge, the Shank Pal Temple is a major tourist attraction near Sanasar. It is a 400 year old temple dedicated to the deity Nag Shank Pal. It takes around 5 hours of trekking amidst some spectacular landscape to reach this place. The Nag Temple is another important Hindu religious site which dates back 600 years. Here devotees come to pay their respects to the snake King Cobra.

The trip to Sanasar is incomplete without treating your eyes to the spellbinding beauty of the night sky. Travel with family and friends and spend a night in the wilderness adventure camps, in the lap of nature. Light a bonfire, sing and dance and lie down on the lush fields and be mesmerized and awestruck by the bright and twinkling stars. The picturesque meadows of Sanasar have been recently developed into a 9-hole golf course.

Popular Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Sanasar

An unexplored town in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, hidden amongst cedar trees and thick coniferous forests, Sanasar with its lush green meadows and tranquil environment, numerous adventure activities like paragliding and trekking, ancient temples and spectacular vistas make one of the best travel destinations in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Best Hotels and Resorts for Holidaying in Sanasar

Sanasar is an unexplored and remote area and so, it offers only JKTDC’s tourist bungalows and huts. They are well-equipped with basic amenities. In order to find better staying place, one can book hotel at Patnitop which has a wider range of accommodation options.

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