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About Golf Tourism in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is gifted with some of the best golf courses in the country. Since this region was ruled by Maharajas who loved golfing, they established some of the best golf courses you will ever come across. Golfing in Jammu and Kashmir can be an incredible experience, not just for the enjoyment and relaxation it provides, but largely because of the lovely temperature, gorgeous landscape and amazing views that surround these golf courses. Whether you play a game of golf at Gulmarg or Pahalgam, you are treated to a newer experience every time.

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Popular Golfing Places in Jammu Region


Jammu Tawi Golf course is the only 18 golf course in Jammu that attracts golfing enthusiasts because of its impressive range of facilities and the captivating views that surround it.

Jammu Tawi Golf Course

When it comes to enjoying golfing in Jammu, Jammu Tawi Golf Course is the one that enthusiastic golf enthusiasts go for. The 18 hole golf course boasts several amenities like gymnasium, golf carts, water bodies, steam & jacuzzi, driving range and open terrace restaurants. Built in the 19th century by a famous Dogra emperor, it treats you to spellbinding views of Trikuta Hills in the north, Bahu Fort and Jammu Katra Railway Track in the south and Amar Mahal in the west. Enjoy a game of golf here during your holiday in Jammu.

Popular Golfing Destinations in Kashmir Valley


When it comes to golfing in Kashmir, a golfing enthusiast has plenty of options to choose from, as each golf course is as good as the others in terms of amenities, experiences and other factors.

Gulmarg Golf Course

Talk about the best golf courses in India, and Gulmarg Golf Course takes the first spot. Situated at almost 8,700 feet, it is the highest golf course in India, as well as the oldest, as the first golf championship was played here in 1922. Among other things, what fascinates the first time visitor to this exquisite golf course is its enormous size, as it spreads across an area of almost 6.8 kilometers. Dense forests of pine trees and wonderful mountain ranges surround it from all sides, thereby enhancing its overall beauty greatly.

Pahalgam Golf Course

Pahalgam Golf Course is situated almost 2,400 meters above sea level, and is one of the best golf courses in Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy a game of golf. Besides the amazing location which it enjoys, it also boasts various facilities. It was originally started as a 9 hole golf course, but was later upgraded to a 18 hole golf course. A deer park stands on one side of the Pahalgam Golf Course, while on the other side, stands a golf club from where visitors can hire equipment and golf caddies.

The Royal Springs Golf Course

The Royal Springs Golf Course, located in close proximity to the fabulous walled garden Chashme Shahi, is stretched over 300 acres and dotted by natural marsh, rolling hills, lakes, deciduous forests, lakes and other features that make it one of the most beautiful golf courses in Jammu and Kashmir. A 18 hole golf course, it boasts an impressive array of facilities including a club house, two marshes, underground sprinkler irrigation system, rain shelters and a 8 ½ kilometers long cart path. A golf lover will not just enjoy a game of golf here, but also revel in the beauty of the gorgeous landscape that surrounds him or her on all sides.