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Golfing in Jammu & Kashmir

You don’t just play a game of golf in Jammu and Kashmir. You revel in the surroundings, celebrate the beauty enveloping you and feel happiness surging through you. Golfing goes back to the days of Maharajas in Kashmir, with the Kashmir Golf Course being the oldest of them. Be it in the golf course of Gulmarg, Srinagar, Sanasar or Pahalgam, every golf course has something new to offer. Another factor which sets apart the entire golfing experience is the amicable temperature. The cool weather creates the perfect conditions for a game of golf, and except during winter, when the entire valley is covered with snow, it can be enjoyed the rest of the year.

In a way, the Gulmarg golf course is the king of golf courses. Situated at almost 8,700ft, it is one of the highest golf courses in India. It was the British, who, with their adventurous and enterprising spirit, created this golf course at such an incredible height. What bewilders the first time visitor to the golf course, is the sheer size of it, as it sprawls across an extensive area of almost 6.8 km! This 18 hole course is bordered by dense forests and pine trees, while beautiful mountain ranges stare at a distance.

There are some golf courses with whom it is easy to fall in love with. With its picturesque views, Jammu Tawi Golf Course is one of them. As you enjoy a game of golf, you are treated to the views of Trikuta Hills in the north, Bahu Fort and Jammu-Katra Railway Track in the south and Amar Mahal in the West. The 18 hole golf course boasts various amenities including water bodies, golf carts, gymnasium, steam & jacuzzi, open terrace restaurants and driving range.

The Kashmir Golf Course has an interesting history behind it. It has hosted several renowned personalities, including Ghulam Mohammed, who is known to be the first golfing professional in India.

An 18 hole golf course, it has been the site of many tournaments and stands out for its perfectly planned bunkers and hazards, which often lie between stretches of pine and chinar trees. Pahalgam Golf Course is one of the best places in Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy a golf tournament. It enjoys a lovely location, is situated at an impressive altitude and equipped with numerous facilities. At 2,400 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and dense forests. Although it was initially established as a 9 hole golf course, it has since been upgraded to an 18 hole golf course. One side of this golf course lies the deer park, while on the other side of it stands a golf club from where visitors can hire equipment and hire golf caddies.

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