Vyas Cave Bilaspur, Himachal

Vyas Cave Bilaspur

Vyas Cave, BilaspurVyas Cave is another famous destination in Bilaspur that holds significant importance and attracts a large number of tourists from every corner of the country. This cave is situated at the foot of the city and is famous for the revered sage Vyasa, who has meditated in this cave for several years. Saint Vyas wrote the epic Mahabharat and the name of the town Bilaspur can be traced to the name of Rishi Vyas, who was originally called Vyaspur.

Highlights The Vyas Cave lies on the bank of the River Sutlej and it is indeed a wonderful place to visit. It is one of the most famous and the oldest religious places in Bilaspur and is situated at an altitude of 610 meters above sea level. These caves are enclosed with pine and Juniper forests and the nearby site of attractions include Kalapani spring, Kali Mandir, Gunji, and Budhi. The visitors can enjoy the sights of wonderful mountains, covered with snow and take part in adventure activities such as rock climbing, hand gliding, terkking, and para gliding.

There activities are organised by the department of tourism of Uttaranchal government. The Vyas cave is extended over a large region on Saraswati River's banks, where it meets and merges with river Alaknanda. So, people who want to see River Saraswati can visit this place as it is the only place from where River Sararswati is visible. Maharishi Vyas Rishi statue is installed in the caves and is worshipped by the pilgrims visiting Badrinath.