Kandrour Bridge Bilaspur, Himachal

Kandrour Bridge Bilaspur

The Kandrour Bridge is a very old link between the Bilaspur and Hamirpur District and was built in the year 1965. This beautiful bridge is worth a visit as it is built across the Sutlej River and is one of the highest bridges in the world. It is located at a distance of 8 km from Bilaspur on the National Highway 88. The stunning beauty around the bridge and the scintillating Sutlej River, makes Kandraour BridgeBilaspur's one of the most important tourist attractions.

Highlights The Kandrour Bridge is situated in village Kandrour in Bilaspur and is measured 80 meters high from the river bed and 280 meters long. Its construction was started in the year 1959 and was completed in the year 1964. The length and breadth of Kandrour Bridge are 255 meters and 7 meters respectively. The bridge is surrounded by limestone rocks, that float across the Satluj River and lush green trees to make your experience more refreshing.