Bahadurpur Fort Bilaspur, Himachal

Fort Bahadurpur Bilaspur, Himachal

This impressive fort is located on the top of a hill known as Bahadurpur, which is at an elevation of 1,980 meters above sea level, near Tepra vilage in Bilaspur. The Bahadurpur fort was constructed by Raja Keshab Sein in 1620 AD during war-ridden times to provide a shield against enemies. The fort is seated on the highest point of Bilaspur district and is surrounded by beautiful deodar and banyan trees. The tourists are fond of this place and visit is especially in the months of winter, when the place is enveloped by lush green valleys and the area receives occasional snow fall.

Highlights Due to its compatetively greater height, the Bahadurpur area recieves occasional snow fall in winter and the area nearby gets covered by a beautiful deodar and banyan plantation. One can spot a rest-house in the center of hill, perched amidst the picturesque surroundings and stay their comfortably without any hassle. The Bahadurpur fort is in its ruin, but its beauty can still be felt through the strcuture, which reflects the rich Chanderi heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

The archaeologists' state that the fort must have has strong and intimidating high walls and as the name suggests, it has housed many a brave (bahadur) warriors, who fought during the wartime. Unfortunately, the fort has been reduced to mere ruins after having tolerated the extremities of the weather. The Hill, on top of which the Bahadurpur fort is situated, has been named after it.

The tourists love visiting this place for its picturesque settings, craggy terrain, and much comfortable weather.