Top 17 Places in North Sikkim That Every Nature Lover Should Visit

Top 17 Places in North Sikkim That Every Nature Lover Should Visit
Last Updated: January 31, 2020

India has earned itself a slice of heaven in the form of North Sikkim. Snuggling the Himalayas, this beautiful part of a Northeastern Indian state is a place unlike any other in the country. The breathtaking view of Mount Kanchendzonga, the fragrance of variety of flowers, the quietness of sparkling lakes and the gurgling of rivers like Teesta make North Sikkim a destination that no nature lover should miss. So, whether you are looking for some adventure or peace of mind, solace or romance, North Sikkim is a destination that you must plan to visit.

Here is a list of top 17 places in North Sikkim that every nature lover should visit:


Lachung Sikkim

Photo: Saikat

A pretty village, situated on both banks of the Lachung River, Lachung is an ideal place for nature lovers. Quiet, serene, beautiful, Lachung is everything that a visitor requires of a place. Lachung literally means ‘Small Pass’, which it indeed is as it is situated in the close proximity to Tibet border. The Lachung Gompa is the major attraction of the town, whereas, a short distance from here is Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary that is also a must see. The village retains its culture and handicraft is something that you need to pay attention to.

How to Reach: Drive to Lachung from Gangtok via Singhik view point, Seven Sisters Waterfalls and Naga Waterfalls.
Duration: 6 hours
Distance: 125kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep

Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley Sikkim

Photo: Subhashish Bhowmick

Another picturesque place in North Sikkim, Yumthang Valley boasts of its thick rhododendron forests and hot sulphur springs. The valley is the home to 24 species of Rhododendrons, thus it rightly earns its name as ‘Valley of Flowers’. The vasts meadows and the passing of River Teesta through it, makes Yumthang Valley a nature lovers’ paradise.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachung, take an overnight stay. Next day leave for Yumthang Valley (it is not advised to take direct journey to Yumthang Valley as it gets dark by 5.30PM)
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 148kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep

Chopta Valley

Chopta-Valley Sikkim

Photo: Santi Sukarnjanaprai

Chopta Valley out do the other destinations in Sikkim. One should get here during the spring time when the entire valley becomes a riot of colors. Chopta Valley is very likely to be the place from where the impression of green Sikkim starts to vanish. A base for high altitude lake Gurudongmar, the valley beckons a different landscape with barren mountains and less vegetative pasture lands.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen and then after an overnight stay, drive next day from Lachen to Chopta Valley via Thangu.
Duration: 8 Hours
Distance: 160kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep

Note: Chopta Valley is restricted for international visitors; however, passes can be procured on request.



Photo: Arin Gan

At Lachen some beautiful aspects come alive. No one can gainsay the unexplored beauty that Sikkim is full of. A small settlement amidst lofty mountains that are often clad with snow and thick forests, Lachen is any traveller’s dream come true. Lachen means ‘Big Pass’ and the town is the base for Chopta Valley and the famed Gurudongmar Lake and Lhamu lakes. The Lachen Gompa is the prime attraction here apart from nature’s beauty. The nearby attractions include Yumthang Valley, which can be best explored by taking a two-day trek. The best time to visit Lachen would be summers when an annual yak race takes place.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen. Also, Yumthang Valley is a short distance from here from where one can trek.
Duration: 6 hours from Gangtok, 2 hours from Yumthang Valley
Distance: 129kms (from Gangtok to Lachen)
Mode of Commutation: Jeep from Gangtok, trek from Yumthang Valley

Note: Lachen is restricted for international visitors; however, passes can be procured on request.


Chungthang Sikkim

Situated on the confluence of Lachen and Lachung rivers, Chungthang is a historical town. It is believe Guru Padmasambhaba and Guru Nanak have also visited this place. The town is an excellent base camp for places like Lachung, Yumthang, Yumesamdong, Katao, Lachen, Thangu, Gurudongmar and Tso-Lhamo Lake (Tibet Border). Chungthang has a rich biodiversity and is indeed a gift of nature to North Sikkim.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Chungthang
Duration: 3 Hours
Distance: 95kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Seven Sisters Falls

Photo: Dipankar

Situated about 32kms from Gangtok on the way to Mangan, Seven Sisters is a beautiful waterfall. The water is seen cascading down in distinct three steps. A small footbridge is constructed above the waterfall, so that the visitors get the best view. If one is willing to trek a bit more than he can be rewarded with the view of the fourth drop of the fall. An incredible place for some adventure, visitors will love Seven Sisters Waterfall.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok towards Mangan, then a short hike up towards the waterfall
Duration: 45 Minutes
Distance: 32kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Taxi, Bus


Thangu Sikkim

Photo: Cosimo Roams

A peaceful village, Thangu is in a way Indian Military base, where they stay for sometime get acclimatized. Thangu is also a base for those who wish to trek to Chopta Valley and Muguthang. A picturesque hamlet, it has a scanty population and that is why it seems a perfect place for the nature lovers.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen and then after an overnight stay, drive next day from Lachen to Thangu
Duration: 6 to 7 Hours
Distance: 150kms
Mode Commutation: Jeep


Mangan Sikkim

Photo: Flickr

The entry point to Lachung Lachen, Mangan is a base town before reaching the lesser known parts of North Sikkim. The town is also reckoned to be the market centre for northern Sikkim and it attracts several villagers selling apples, oranges and cardamom. The view of Khangchendzonga range is breathtaking and that is one of the reasons that you must visit this beautiful place in North Sikkim.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Mangan.
Duration: 2 Hours
Distance: 54kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, bus, taxi

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim

Amongst the most famous destinations in Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake is a high altitude lake situated at an altitude of 5430m. The lake is one of the source streams of River Teesta and it holds immense religious importance. It remains completely frozen in the winter time, whereas in the summer it offers a sparkling look. The simplicity of the place is what makes it even more gorgeous and in indeed the best place in North Sikkim to visit.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen, after an overnight stay, next day drive to Gurudongmar via Chopta Valley.
Duration: 8 Hours
Distance: 175kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep

Green Lake Trek

Green-Lake Trek

Photo: Bob Carney

The base camp of Mount Kanchendzonga, Green Lake is an alpine lake situated at an altitude of 5000m. The lake is located near the Zemu glacier and makes for an adventurous trek. The trekking trail of Green Lake passes through thick Rhododendron, primulas and blue poppy forests. The breathtaking view of the Kanchendzonga further enhances the beauty of this place.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen. Trek from Lachen to Green Lake via Tallem, Jakthang, Yabuk.
Duration: 34 Hours
Distance: 129kms (Gangtok to Lachen Drive), 30kms (Trek from Lachen to Green Lake)
Mode of Commutation: Jeep (Gangtok to Lachen), Trek (Lachen to Green Lake)

Tosar Lake Trek

Tosar-Lake-Trek Sikkim

The beautiful Tosar Lake is located at an elevation of 4,000m between the Mangan and the Chola Range. The lake has a giant cliff that is considered sacred and is worshiped by the local people. This region provides some of most splendid views of mount Khanchendzonga. In order to enjoy the beauty of Tosar Lake, one has to trek all the way up to it. The trail to Tosar Lake starts from the road head at Naksuk, above Naga village and traverses through a dense conifer, bamboo, rhododendron and pine forests. The trekking route also crosses the famed yak trails in the Reserve Forest. The trek is popular for the spectacular mountain views, beautiful fauna in flora.

How to Reach: Drive to Gangtok to Tom Naga and then trek to Tosar Lake via Sohar Dhe, Naksuk, Sa Patam
Duration: 2 Hours (Drive from Gangtok to Mangan), 25 Hours (Trek from Tom Naga to Tosar Lake)
Distance: 54kms (Gangtok to Mangan)
Mode of Commutation: Jeep (Gangtok to Mangan) and Trek (Tom Naga to Tosar Lake)


Singhik Sikkim

Photo: Faram Khambatta

A small village in the lap of nature, Singhik is looks like a slice fallen from paradise on the earth. Offering impeccable view of the Khanchndzonga range including Mount Siniolchu, Singhik is perfect for a getaway in North Sikkim. One can also go trekking and hiking as there are several short and long nature trails available here.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Singhik.
Duration: 2 Hours
Distance: 58kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, bus, taxi

Rong Lungten Lee

Rong Lungten Lee

Photo: Pallab Singha

It is a heritage house similar to that of Namprikdang. Rong Lungten Lee is situated about 8kms from Mangan and is open for both foreign and domestic tourists to admire the ancient artifacts of the Lepcha tribes. So, if you are someone with keen interest in history and nature, Rong Lungten Lee is a good place to check out.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Rong Lungten Lee.
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Distance: 66kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Taxi

Phensang Monastery

Phensong Monastery


An important monastery in North Sikkim, Phensang is situated about 9kms from Gangtok. First built in 1721 by the Nyingmapa order in Sikkim, this monastery was destroyed in a fire. Therefore, the monastery’s edifice that we see today has been restored in 1948. It is a very peaceful place to be at; the divinity is felt by all the visitors here. The surrounding landscape makes this place look even for attractive to the visitors. The best time to visit Phensang monastery would be in the month of December when the annual festival is celebrated.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Phensang Monastery
Duration:20 Minutes
Distance: 9kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Bus, Taxi

Phodong Monastery


Photo: Hiddelbee

About 38kms from Gangtok on North Sikkim Highway is the Phodong Monastery. It is called the Karma Kargyu Monastery of Phodong and is the home to some extremely friendly monks. Nestled amidst gorgeous landscape that further enhances its beauty, the monastery is known for the intricate murals that adorn its walls. Like Phensang, the best time to visit Phodong would be the month of December, when the annual festival is celebrated with religious dances.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Phodong Monastery.
Duration: 1 Hour
Distance: 28kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Bus, Taxi

Kabi Lungchok

Kabi-Lungchok Sikkim

Photo: Daniel Castro

Having historical significance, Kabi Lungchok is an interesting place to visit in North Sikkim. Situated 17kms north of Gangtok, Kabi is reckoned the place where the two important tribes of Sikkim i.e Bhutia and Lepcha signed the ‘Treaty of Blood Brotherhood’. Stone pillars were erected here in order to mark this place as of great importance. Apart from the historic sites, Kabi is blessed with immense nature’s beauty. A rich forest with variety of flowers, cascading streams and waterfalls, rich wildlife and sizable population of butterflies makes Kabi quite a place to visit in North Sikkim.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Kabi.
Duration: 30 Minutes
Distance: 17kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Taxi, Bus

Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem

A heritage house- Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem was built in a similar design as that of Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem of Martam, West Sikkim. Set up amidst the serene nature, this place is worth paying visit if you are in North Sikkim. The ideal time to be here would be in the month January, when Maghey Mela is celebrated to mark the upcoming warmer months in the state.

How to Reach: Drive from Gangtok to Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem
Duration: 2 Hours
Distance: 58kms
Mode of Commutation: Jeep, Taxi

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