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Heritage Tours in India

India is a synonym of diversity and possess the rich heritage. The perfect amalgam of religions, customs, languages and traditions is reflected in the thriving heritage of the nation. The country is a treasury of art, philosophy, architecture, classic dances, flora, fauna, music and much more. The heritage sites of one of the oldest civilizations make it a must visit place for avid travelers. The culture, encompassing of music, art, dance, festivals, customs, languages and cuisines, is the best way to understand the incredible heritage of the country. To get close to this amazing heritage, you should tour the heritage sites that will leave you with the images and the experiences that you will embellish throughout your life. Related articles, blogs, content and news on heritage of India are given in this section.

Classic Golden Triangle India – Uncover the Gems of India in 8 days

THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE TOUR! The moment you listen to these three golden words, your mind takes you to that glittery world where there are huge alluringly frenetic old vestiges like forts, palaces, mausoleums, museums, temples, and tombs. And everything is so..

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Top 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most vibrant and colorful states in India with its rich culture and traditions since ancient times. It is known as the land of warriors and beautiful princess who even chose to die for saving their chastity..

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20 Must See Historical Monuments in India

Often in India, you would find network of chaotic streets that lead to some breathtaking Indian monument. No matter how miserable the walk through these hideous narrow passageways make you feel, you usually end the day with pleasant memories. Ever thought..

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15 Historical Places You Must Explore in Central India

Teeming with rich historical and cultural past, Central India is a paradise for history buffs, archaeologists, architects and artists who come here from different parts of the globe. Replete with opulent palaces, majestic forts and magnificent temples; this central region of..

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15 Must See Architectural Sites in India

With a history dating back to almost 5000 years or more, India is known for its rich past and cultural heritage. Several dynasties ruled India during different time periods. From Chalukyas, Cholas, and Mauryas to Mughals and British; each dynasty left..

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9 Reasons to Visit Badami in Northern Karnataka

Founded by the Chalukyas, Badami in Karnataka is one destination in India that can steal one’s heart in fractions of second. The heart melting landscape accompanied by beautifully done temples and fort can easily draw the attention of the travellers from..

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Top 15 Museums to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat- A perfect amalgamation of culture, tradition, and heritage is a state which can definitely surprise you with its inescapable beauty and historic magnificence. The richness of this vivid state is not just restricted to forts & palaces, sea beaches or..

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Top 48 Monuments in India that Reflect Rich Culture and Heritage

Since India is a vast land and its history branches out from all nooks and corners, making it difficult to decide as to what to see in India. The country is so rich and diverse and has some excellent specimen of..

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India’s Popular 15 Big Forts

The land of India has been embellished with some of the most majestic forts in the world. Reflecting a rich culture, history and a good taste in architecture, these massive forts take one back in the glorious time of Maharajas and..

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14 Museums in India that any History Buff Would Love to Visit

For those who are fond of history, a museum is a mirror of the society. If we talk about a historically rich country like India, here a museum can be an ideal way to get a grip on the functionality of..

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