Top 15 Natural Wonders of North East India

Top 15 Natural Wonders of North East India
Last Updated: July 24, 2018

It is too good to be true, exclaim those returning travellers from Northeast India, and you may even hear some of them wishing to settle there itself. With a plethora of tourist places; a no-rush ambience where you’d breathe in the unpolluted air and sigh in awe, Northeast is India’s paradise getaway. This top tourism destination boasts of such mesmerizing natural wonders, a sight of which can remain etched in your memory forever. This is why if you are on a holiday in India, make sure to add these Northeastern states in your places to visit list because you surely do not want to miss amazing sights like that of a floating lake, crystal clear river bed or ancient root bridges. Curious to learn more about Northeast India? You have come to a right place.

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1. A Quaint Hamlet Mawphanlur in West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya


Mawphanlur located 85 kilometre from Shillong is a blissful and a picture-perfect destination ideal for soul searchers or for those simply wanting to take a break from the city life. With just one look at this humble abode, you might just as well sigh in awe,‘such a solitary destination Mawphanlur is.’ Along with calm and cool breeze, this Northeast destination offers green rolling hills lavishly adorned with miniature white dotted flowers. Moreover, the shimmering large pond is the ultimate charm that every traveller’s visit Mawphanlur for. If you plan to stay back a night, this place is short in accommodation options but make sure to check Mawphanlur Traveller’s Nest for a some good places to stay.

How to Reach?

Arrive via air or rail in Guwahati, Assam and you can further continue your journey by hiring a cab to Mawphanlur via Shillong.

2. The Transparent Umngot River of Meghalaya

Umngot River of Meghalaya

Umngot river is probably one of the best-treasured attractions in Meghalaya located near Dawki town and it is widely visited all year round, especially during the winter months. In fact, it is tagged to be one of the cleanest and clearest rivers in India and why wouldn’t it, as you row your boat, even the base of the river where tiny pebbles and large stones can be seen crystal clear. Consequently, you will feel you are floating in the air; it is certainly a much-awaited experience for every living soul. Umngot River also serves as an Indo-Bangladesh border and at times, you may see fellow Bangladeshis enjoying quality time around the river Umngot.

How to Reach?

Reach Guwahati in Assam via rail or air and hire a cab to Shillong, further rent a cab for a full day exploration to Dawki Umngot River.

3. Natural Freshwater Loktak Lake of Manipur

Loktak Lake of Manipur

This floating lake is a natural splendour located in one of the beautiful northeastern states of Manipur and what makes this place admirable is for being the world’s only floating national park. Its thick ring marshy lands also create a perfect home to some rare species of animals which evidently offers a brilliant place to visit for wildlife lovers. This beautiful lake is home to around 425 species of animals like the state animal, Sangai and over 100 species of birds and also various kind of aquatic plants. As you row your boat (or get rowed) you can get a fabulous sight of mountains and various types of vegetation; the experience is simply worth-it.

How to Reach?

Imphal has an international airport connecting a few major cities in India. However, once you land in Imphal, take a cab and visit the Loktak Lake and its national park.

4. Peaceful Dzukou Valley Bordering Nagaland and Manipur

Dzukou Valley

A riveting spectacle far off the civilization, ‘such a beauty Dzukou is,’ you have to come experience the scenic sight for yourself. Dzukou is the bordering valley of Nagaland and Manipur and the quiet murmur of breeze and cool environ will spellbinds even the wrecked souls. Although most of the valley lies in the Manipur section, Nagaland is not far off for having a comfortable trek and multiple camping options in the valley. If you happen to visit Dzukou Valley during the tourist season and prefer staying under a tinned roof house, the private rooms and dorm accommodations are also available which is located slightly up overlooking the entire valley.

How to Reach?

From Nagaland: By air, you have to interchange or layover in Kolkata further flying to Dimapur, Nagaland. However, the rail connectivity to Dimapur is convenient that connects all major cities in the north and east India. Take a bus or taxi to Kohima further to the trekkers starting point to Dzukou Valley.

5. Soul Soothing Shilloi Lake of Nagaland

Shilloi Lake of Nagaland

Shilloi lake is located in the southeastern part of Nagaland in a small district of Phek near the Indo-Myanmar Border and a visit here won’t be less than magical. This is known as the largest lake in Nagaland and is often visited by a young group of students to learn about its beautiful flora which is found in abundance around the lake. Shilloi Lake has many legends and it is said that there are spirits that protect the lake. However, for a day amid nature, you can drive here and explore the wildlife around the lake sighting various species of birds. With a minimum fee, boating activity is also available as well as a warm countryside homestay.

How to Reach?

Dimapur is the closest air and rail heads, you can get on a public transport to Kohima then hire a cab to Shilloi Lake which is 271 kilometers away.

6. The Fascinating Meghalaya’s Krem Dam

Krem Dam, Meghalaya

Caving is perhaps one of the most daring adventure sport till date because you will be under a dark confined passage spaces with just a few torches and flares. But if the thrill is in your blood, well, visit Meghalaya’s Krem Dam located in Mawsynram and explore the three or more kilometre dark paradise. Here, you can slowly traverse for seeing the rare cave wall patterns and clean cave ponds, so clean you could drink right from it, like literally speaking.

How to Reach?

The closest railway and airport is located in Guwahati from where you can get plenty of taxis to Shillong Meghalaya. You may not get a direct taxi so you will have to change into a local taxi from Shillong to Mawsynram.

7. A Picturesque Reiek Mountain of Mizoram

Reiek Mountain of Mizoram

After an hour drive from Aizawl from the capital city, zigzagging through lush green hills, you will arrive in a tiny hamlet of Reiek. There is not much to do here, except sighting the village, interact with the locals and rest in their simple comfortable resort. However, to have an adventure activity, that every traveller enjoy partaking in is trekking and while here, you have to a trek Reiek Tlang, it is one exciting thing to do and experience. After a 10 minute drive from Reiek Tourist Resort to Ailawng village, the trek starts. Every step you ascend, the dramatic and mystic mountain slopes and green meadows offers a spectacular sight to the eye and on a clear day, you can even see the plains of Tripura.

How to Reach?

There is an airport in Aizwal however, the closest railhead is located in Silchar in Assam. You can hire a cab and visit the capital city or directly visit Reiek Tourist Resort.

8. Unexplored Paradise of Zemithang in Arunachal Pradesh

Zemithang in Arunachal Pradesh

In the remoteness parts of Arunachal Pradesh near the borders of Bhutan, Zemithang is one of the must-visit places and haven for travellers who seek solace amid the quiet surroundings and nature. With just two hours drive up from Tawang, you will traverse scenic sight of snow clad mountains and dense forests. Although it is not a tourist destination with proper hotels, all you can do is explore the local lifestyle and staying in their charming homestays of the Monpa tribe as well as trek up the green meadows for some soul-searching. You can also consult with a travel agent like us and go for a biking expedition to Zemithang from Tawang or the capital Itanagar.

How to Reach?

Although Tezpur and Harmuti in Assam are the closest air and rail heads respectively, Guwahati is the most convenient city for both transport means in order to get to Arunachal Pradesh. You can get plenty of private cabs for Itanagar further a local taxi to Zemithang.

9. Meghalaya’s Treasured Living Root Bridge and Cleanest Village, Mawlynnong

Root Bridge and Cleanest Village, Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong is reckoned to be the cleanest village in Asia and it is obvious for all the travellers to come-see-explore this enchanting tourist place in Meghalaya. This place also offers a bird’s eye view of the plains of Bangladesh from a View Point Tower in Mawlynnong Village that stands 85-feet in height. But besides Mawlynnong, another much crowd pulling attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site you have to explore is the Living Root Bridge. Intertwined in a series of aerial roots adjoining the nearby trees, it creates a natural bridge and it is certainly a worth-visiting hotspot you have to visit without fail during your holiday in Meghalaya.

How to Reach?

Fly to Guwahati and board a taxi for Shillong, you will get plenty from the city’s Paltan Bazaar. You can further visit Mawlynnong for a day trip or a homestay experience.

10. The Largest Natural River Island Majuli of Assam

Majuli of Assam

After the cleanest village, Mawlynnong and largest freshwater lake in the world Loktak, Northeast possesses another popular place that offers a unique travel experience, the world’s largest river island, Majuli. Formed by the gradual shift of the Brahmaputra River, there are even a few possibilities the island to disappear completely since the river shifts its course time to time. But before the saddening affair takes place, make sure to bookmark a visit to this island and learn about the lifestyle of the people living here. And what better way is there to enjoy this soothing place surrounded by green forests and paddy fields as compared to city places.

How to Reach?

Majuli is only accessible via ferry from Jorhat and you can there to the port in Jorhat by local and private taxis from either Guwahati or Jorhat airport.

11. A Sacred Pilgrimage Site of Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

This holy destination of Sikkim located approximately 5486.4 metres, Gurudongmar Lake is a sacred and a religious place for the Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhist. Surrounded are the white-blanketed snow clad mountains and rugged surface near the lake. It is said that a portion of the lake does not freeze even during harsh winters because Guru Padmasambhava sanctified the lake and the only way to unravel the truth is by visiting. Gurudongmar maybe the second highest lake in Sikkim but it comes under top 15 highest lakes in the world.

How to Reach?

The closest airport and railway are in West Bengal’s Bagdogra and Jalpaiguri, plenty of taxis whether private or shared can be available for reaching Gangtok.

12. Peaceful and Majestic Sialsuk Hmunchung Tlang in Mizoram

Sialsuk Hmunchung Tlang in Mizoram

The locals in Sialsuk, Mizoram like to call Hmunchung as the ‘lovemaking hill’ and why? Well, it is most probably since Sialsuk is a small village with limited entertainment options like movie theatres and cafes many young couples linger around the hill. Besides that, you can drive or walk up the earthy brown hill and enjoy an evening to remember. Spend a day sighting layers of unending mountains where you may also come across a few graveyards that are as old as 1930. Today, tourism in Mizoram is gradually progressing and you may find camping options in Sialsuk as well.

How to Reach?

Take a flight to Aizawl and get a taxi to Sialsuk, which is about a two-hour journey. The closest railway station is in Silchar, Assam from where taxi options are available to Mizoram.

13. A Remote Natural Beauty of The Blue Mountain in Mizoram

Just a few kilometres to the Indo-Myanmar border from the remotely rich natural wonder called The Blue Mountain or Phawngpui, a visit here is worth. This is also a national park that houses various species of animals and birds, besides, due to the clear blue sky, the entire tip of the mountain trees radiant with a blueish colour thus it gives such a spectacle effect. The Blue Mountain is certainly an ideal destination to visit for nature and adventure lovers where you not only can hike up to sight the mountain ranges in awe but also explore the rich flora and fauna of Phawngpui.

How to Reach?

This national park is around 270 km from Aizawl and there are many taxis that will drop you here. Make sure to rent it for a day because you may not find a return taxi to civilization. Mizoram’s capital city has an airport however you will find the nearest railway in Silchar, Assam.

Note: Phawngpui is the highest mountain range of the state of Mizoram and the sunrise or sunset is a sight not to miss.

14. Spellbinding Natural Wonder of Nongriat in Meghalaya

Nongriat in Meghalaya

Create a lasting impression by trekking to Nongriat and the sights are just too good to be true that you’d probably stop and stare for hours. Although Nongriat is famous for the ‘double’ living root bridges (not to get confused with Mawlynnong living root bridge) and the treacherous stairs, it has a lot more to offer. As you trek to the local tourist attractions, you will come across some nature’s wonderful creations, one being this Blue Lagoon in the picture that can be seen from the cable bridge near the living root bridges.

How to Reach?

Guwahati is the only major means of air and rail transport near to Meghalaya. From here you can board a taxi to Shillong further continuing to Nongriat. You may find a couple of homestays near the attractions, make sure to pre-book before planning a stay.

15. Calm and Riveting Yumthang Valley of Sikkim

Yumthang Valley of Sikkim

Close to the borders of Indo-China, one enchanting destination that breathes in fresh unpolluted air, a fabulous place you have to visit in Sikkim, Yumthang Valley. Located on the northern parts of Sikkim where most of the adventure seekers visit, this valley unlike too challenging, it is rather a moderate hike where you can enjoy the scenic beauty as you walk amid the flower sanctuary with yaks. And during spring, witness the entire valley filled with a variety of Rhododendrons that ooze fresh fragrance, it is surreal! And if time permits another natural place to visit is the Zero Point where you can play with white fluffy snow and cross a bridge made of stone and wood. You can find accommodation in Lachung which is an hour drive.

How to Reach?

From Bagdogra airport or New Jalpaiguri railway station, you can get taxis to Gangtok further you can go to Lachung (if you plan to stay). The Yumthang Valley is an hour drive from Lachung.

Did your feet lift off the ground by seeing these beautiful destinations in Northeast, I bet it did. So why not plan a visit right away and if you are doubtful on ILP process (Inner Line Permit) you can always look out for a travel agent like us. Call us at +91-9212777223 or send us your queries at and know our best Northeast travel packages. But most importantly, don’t forget to get your camera because the sights are such a beaut you’d probably want to capture every moment of it.

Image Courtesy: Northeast India Instagram

Published: 11 Jan, 2018
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