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Top Five Climbing Mountain Peaks in Sikkim

The crown of Northeast India, Sikkim, is undoubtedly a destination which nature lovers can call home. However, along with the meandering rivers, lush meadows, alpine lakes and monasteries, what makes Sikkim an incredible place for adventure, is its lofty peaks.

Beautifully covered in thick layers of snow the year round and ranging between 4900 – 6100 m in elevation, the mountain peaks in Sikkim also include the third highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga or Khangchendzonga (8586 m) that certainly gives mountaineers from around the world some serious climbing goals!

One thing worth noticing about this north-eastern beauty is that it still is an offbeat destination, and thus, has peaks and trekking trails that have been less frequented. Hence, reasons for all you climbers to pick up your climbing gears and plan an expedition. Yet another reason why it’s high time that this offbeat climbing destination should be explored is that it can truly offer a meld of Ladakh, Himachal and Uttarakhand climbing experience.

Yes, Sikkim has all the elements that would want adventure seekers to take up those challenging peaks that may seem unclimbable but are actually inviting one to explore the unmapped Indian Himalaya. This blog here assists you with some of the top climbing peaks in Sikkim which are worth the effort!

List of Top Peaks in Sikkim Himalayas Region
Mountain Peak Grade Altitude District
Frey Peak Fairly Difficult 5889 meters West Sikkim
Mt. Jopuno Difficult 5603 meters West Sikkim
Mt. Lama Wangden Difficult 5868 meters North Sikkim
Mt. Brumkhangse Easy to Moderate 5868 meters North Sikkim
Mt. Tenchenkhang Difficult 6010 meters West Sikkim

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About West Sikkim and its Peaks

Home to the ancient state capital Yuksom – West Sikkim is a paradise for the mountaineers due to its high elevations and friendly ambience – West Sikkim is surrounded by pride and hefty peaks and it is a popular adventure and climbing holiday destination. Probably, a world charm for adrenaline lovers because it houses some best climbing peaks in Sikkim and spectacular mountains that are understandably an itch to climb the misty grandeur snow-clad mountains. West Sikkim’s capital is Geyzing, and it houses attractions like the Khecheopalri Lake, legends have it that not a single leaf is allowed to fall on the surface of the lake and the first monastery of the state of Sikkim the Dubdi Monastery.

The state enjoys a temperate climate and has abundant flora and fauna. This region enjoys blooming of rhododendron forests and you can see its vibrancy in every slope of the hills. This truly can be considered as a climbing holiday for travellers who enjoy every moment soaring the snow Blanket Mountains. Sharing its boundaries with North Sikkim is ‘The Kanchenjunga National Park’, home to the red panda; you can get a chance to sneak into the habitat of Himalayan natural paradise. The three major peaks to mount in West Sikkim that holds sheer beauty are mentioned below.

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Frey Peak

Frey Peak Sikkim

Frey Peak has a strong resemblance to the Matterhorn peak in Europe and this mega mountain climbing peak is looking for no mere adventurers rather a hefty endurance like itself. The climb may lead you to rocky and cracked gaps in between but the climb also offers a scenic view of snow-clad mountain peaks and undulant beauty of nature.

Sikkim’s Frey Peak is AD+ graded meaning [fairly difficult] and this beautiful peak imminent to Rathong Glacier lies in the neighbourhood of the Mount Kabru, Rathong and Kokthang in West Sikkim.

Location: Chauringang, West Sikkim

Grade: Fairly Difficult

Altitude: 5889 meters

Best Season: March to May, October and November

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Mt. Tenchenkhang

Mt Tenchenkhang Peak Sikkim

Mt. Tenchenkhang is a mega storied peak considerably recognised by the government as a trekking destination and is considered as a window to the natural beauty, biodiversity, divine lakes and snow topped Mountains. Mt. Tenchenkhang ever since the recognition it has caught the appreciations of many mountaineers for its alpine peak and adrenaline climb.

From the crown of this peak, the mountaineers can certainly enjoy an overwhelming view of some of the most impressive Sikkim Himalayan Mountains and Mount Makalu in Nepal.

Location: West Sikkim

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 6010 meters

Best Season: March to May and October to the mid of November

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Mt. Jopuno

Mt Jopuno Peak Sikkim

Mount Jopuno impressive peak lies under the Kanchenjunga National Park and adjacent to Mt. Tenchenkhang. Located in western Sikkim Mount Jopuno is an excellent attraction among the mountaineers from all around the globe. To taste the goodness of nature and cool ambience, this peak has some of the most incredible mountains tops of Sikkim Himalaya.

Traverse through striking sites such as Goecha La, Thangsing and Yuksom as you ascend to Mount Jopuno. This trail is absolutely with no doubt an ideal for the trekkers who have an affection and affinity towards nature’s magnificence.

Location: West Sikkim

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 5603 meters

Best Season: March to May and October to the mid of November

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About North Sikkim and its Peaks

North of Sikkim is the largest region compared to the rest of Sikkim. Its remote mountains, dense vegetation and copious waterfalls make this region extremely picturesque. Yet, when it comes to tourism, North Sikkim lacks apart from its pristine beauty. Most of the part in North Sikkim is restricted to traveller’s reason for sharing the boundary with the People’s Republic of China. Its close sensitive border is controlled by the Indian Army. However, apart from the hardships and strict permits needed to visit these areas, this region witnesses visits from many tourists for an adventure holiday in Sikkim but visits beyond Thangu is strictly prohibited.

The district headquarters Mangan is prized as one of the Cardamom capital because the soil in Sikkim is best suited to a variety of Cardamom found here. In fact, North Sikkim has many power projects and experiences constant electricity throughout. Surrounding the mountains is ‘The Kanchenjunga National Park’ which lays in the north as well as west Sikkim. You can get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the red panda and other majestic flora and fauna and avifauna. North Sikkim treasures two mega beauty and they hold spellbound effect on adrenaline lovers who enjoys every moment to climb the treacherous traces. Enclosed with untouched pure beauty, venture the north Sikkim’s two mesmerising peaks listed below.

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Mt. Lama Wangden

Mt Lama Wangden Peak Sikkim

Peak Climbing is a great way to spend an adventure holiday in Sikkim and Lama Wangden Himalayan trekking trail is all set to bestow its beauty to the mountaineers. This peak dwells in the Lachen, North of Sikkim and the perfect time to ascend this mountain is from summers to winters.

However, for a splendid adrenaline rush experience with snow covered mountains, you can trek Lama Wangden peak during winters and for a pleasant trek along the lush vegetation and flora and fauna you can opt for the summer trekking expedition.

Location: Lachen

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 5868 meters

Best Season: April to June and December to March

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Mt. Brumkhangse

Mt Brumkhangse Peak Sikkim

Mountaineering in Mt. Brumkhangse is one of the easiest and comfortable treks to expedite. This exotic trail of Mt. Brumkhangse runs through dense and widespread lush green covers of natural vegetation. The mountain peaks offer a sight of the snow-covered top and an easy climbing expedition in Sikkim.

Amidst the daunting Himalayan Range Mt. Brumkhangse near Yumthang valley positioned at a towering elevation of 5635 meters, is one of the best places in North Sikkim to trek the grounds of the Himalayas.

Location: Yumthang

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Altitude: 5868 meters

Best Season: April to October

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Northeast India’s exoticness is beyond doubt, it’s untouched and least polluted abodes has some reputed trails fit for adrenaline mountaineers or an amateur newbie to test their trekking skills. Holidaying can never be out of sight, I mean, it is the only reason to escape from the stress you handle each day. Traverse and delve into the wonders of the northeast that offers the mountaineers and adventurers with an ultimate guided peak climbing expedition in Sikkim.

Adventure holidays in Sikkim can be amusing and blithe if done in groups. Sikkim has some popular adventure and climbing holiday destination that is waiting just for you. If you are one of the risk takers and want to plunge into the mountain tops amongst the wonders of five above mentioned mountain peaks, you can contact Tour My India for an experience like never before and enjoy the climbing expedition this holiday. You can contact in this number +91-9212553106/07 or you can email us at for further details and best offers.

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Published: 29 Dec, 2020

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