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Independent yet together are the heart of Tamils that beat for the little joys they find in the festivals that the state proudly celebrates. It is a land that breathes in the natural aura of culture and tradition, a glimpse of which is seen in the rituals and the heartfelt worship people dwell their souls in. Whether it be the religious festivals, arts or the seasonal and harvest festivals, there is something quirky yet spellbinding about them, not to forget their exotic gopurams that overlook the vibrant festivities. Having its edge over others, Tamilnadu welcomes even the new year in its own authentic style. Believing in the Tamil saying 'Thai piranthal vazhi pirakkum' which means that with the arrival of Thai(January) all the worries will fade away and all that there will be is peace, love, harmony and prosperity. And with the beginning of January, Thai Pongal one of the most popular harvest festival revering the Sun Lord of Tamilnadu takes place. This festival which is celebrated for 4 days is also famous for Jallikattu, a traditional bull taming event. This festival is celebrated on the third day namely Mattu Pongal, where a bull is set free in front of a horde of people who try to get hold of the bull's back for as long as possible.

Adding the sweet hues of arts festival in your tour are events like Natyanjali celebrated in Chidambaram, which relishes the dance form bestowed by the Lord Nataraja(Lord Shiva) where travellers across the globe showcase their performance and praise the divine deity. Followed by Music and dance festival of Chennai which also applauds the classical form of dance and music. Talking about the religious events perfect for spiritual tourism, Karthigai Deepam celebrated in Kartik months and Deepavali the festival that welcomes positivity in autumn are loved as the festival of lights followed by Chithirai which tops the festivals list for its one-month long celebration and hence is counted among the longest festivals across the globe. Where on one hand, just a dip in the holy waters of Kumbakonam tank can help one wash off their sins in Mahamaham festival taking place every 12 years, on the other Saraswati Puja is the day when Goddess Saraswati along with all the sources of education and tool are worshipped followed by the 10 days festival falling in the month of august or september devoted to Lord Ganesha, the divine deity of New Beginnings. All of this just to give travellers a holistic experience of celebrating festivals in Tamilnadu.

Popular Festivals in Tamil Nadu

  • Pongal Festival

    Revered as one of the most religious events in Tamilnadu, Pongal is a four-day festival that celebrates the flourishing of harvest and praises the Sun Lord for bestowing the land with prosperity. Read more

  • Natyanjali Dance Festival

    Showcasing the different forms of art for five long days and devoting it to the Lord of Dance, Lord Nataraja, this famous cultural festival is the glimmer to the land of Chidambaram. Read more

  • Karthigai Deepam

    Defy the darkness and ward off the evil by lighting lamps, a holy symbol to relish the Karthigai Deepam celebrated in the month of Kartik where worshippers pay their respect to Lord Shiva. Read more

  • Jallikattu Bull Festival

    An essential part of the Pongal festival which is celebrated on Mattu Pongal day, this popular festival works around the idea of mastering a bull and is celebrated widely in Tamilnadu. Read more

  • Music & Dance Festival, Chennai

    Blessed by the charm of South India's classical music and dance forms is the festival celebrated in the capital city of Tamilnadu which tops the list of popular festivals and fairs. Read more

  • Vinayaka Chathurthi

    Giving a special touch to the grandeur of Tamilnadu is Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrated extensively over 10 days to worship the Lord of new beginnings,Ganesha, in homes and pandals across the globe. Read more

  • Navratri

    Honouring the divine goddesses Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga, Tamil Nadu celebrates Navratri by giving it a classical twist of chanting vedic mantras and performing classical dance forms like Mohiniattam and Bharatanatyam. Read more

  • Deepavali

    The sweet win of Lord Krishna over evil is the age old tale that is widely celebrated in the form of Deepavali where there's only space for vibrant lights, firecrackers,traditional sweets and positivity. Read more

  • Saraswathi Pooja

    Idolized as the Goddess of knowledge is the divine deity Saraswati who along with all the means of education and instruments are showered with love by worshippers in this auspicious pooja. Read more

  • Chitri Rai Festival

    Adding festive shine in the month of April, the holy city of Madurai celebrates Chithirai, a two-week long festival portraying the wedding of Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar in Meenakshi Temple. Read more

  • Mahamaham Festival

    Dip into the spiritually blessed water of Mahamaham tank on this auspicious festival that takes place every 12 years in the Kumbakonam town of Tamilnadu. Read more

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