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Heritage Tourism in Tamilnadu

Embossed like a beauty symbol on the land of Tamilnadu are the many Heritage attractions.To say the least, these marvels of South India not only are a shining stroke of culture of Tamilnadu endowed by the Pallava and Chola rulers but also a treasure of physical science artifacts, sculptures, bronze castings and paintings that belonged to them. If you look deep enough in the yesteryears, you will find that these historical sites in Tamilnadu have been making their mark from the past 2000 years. And as for the variation and grandeur, there are Heritage sites in Tamilnadu that support every culture whether it be Buddhist Monasteries, Mosques, Churches or Hindu Temples. To take in all the beauty of the intricately structured palaces, forts, monuments, temples, historic buildings and many more, not only do you have to stretch your neck back to view the top but also your holidays here. Tamilnadu which is famed as the most popular tourist destination in India is home to not just some, but many must visit Historical places which are ranked as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To begin with, the most called for tourist attraction and an archaeologist's heart winner is the Brihadeeswarar Temple, the glory spot of Thanjavur.

This finely built Hindu Temple was carved out by Raja Raja Chola I and along with Airavatesvara and Gangaikonda temple are renowned as World Heritage Site. And that's not all as next in the list is Shore Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shore Temple's construction had an interesting architectural twist, it was made by the granite blocks from the shore of Bay of Bengal and was directed by the Pallava Dynasty. Your heritage tour here may not be complete without sighting the very famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nilgiri Mountain Railway known as the Mountain Railways of India. Followed by the Descent of Ganges, the shining diamond in the rough of Tamilnadu which is rewarded as the largest open-air rock relief in the world. This monument along with Arjuna's Penance are not only protected monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India but are another beautiful addition to the country's glory as UNESCO World Heritage. Furthermore, the state owns and is the proud guardian of many other heritage attractions which are enveloped in great cultural heritage, perfect enough to attract travellers from across the globe.

Popular Heritage Tourism Sites in Tamil Nadu

  • Caves of Tamil Nadu

    Intricately designed to provide a resting place to the Jain Monks to whom these caves belonged, this popular tourist attraction is one of the finest example of lithic monuments in the many regions of Tamilnadu. Read more

  • Arjuna's Penance

    A glorious monument nestled in Mahabalipuram known for being the largest open-air rock relief in the world along with Descent of Ganges is also revered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more

  • Rock Fort in Tiruchirapalli

    Dating over a billion years is the prehistoric Rock Fort in Tiruchirapalli built on a 83m high rock housing a twin complex with temples and fortification which witnessed many wars. Read more

  • Valluvar Kottam

    Moulded in the temple chariot style in 1970, Valluvar Kottam which stands tall at a height of 39 m in the capital city of Tamilnadu is dedicated to the famous saint, philosopher and poet Thiruvalluvar. Read more

  • Thanjavur Palace

    Take in the beauty of the Art Gallery and the Saraswati Mahal Library Museum while touring the Thanjavur Palace in Tamilnadu built by the Thanjavur Nayak Kingdom and presently the home to the Bhonsle family. Read more

  • Padmanabhapuram Palace

    Nestled at the foothills of Velli, this age-old palace is an epitome of traditional Kerala architecture and belongs to the Govt of Kerala even when it resides in Tamilnadu. Read more

  • Sivaganga Palace

    Set up in 1730 to dethrone the British, this prehistoric palace presently is replaced by another palace namely Gowri Vilasam in the 19th Century built in a blend of Rajputana style and Tirumala Naikas. Read more

  • St. George's Fort

    A gem of Chennai established in 1644, St.George's Fort is the first English Fortress in India which now functions as the site of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and rest of official buildings. Read more

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