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Adventure Tourism in Tamilnadu

Fill those blank spaces in your bucket list by venturing on in Tamil Nadu, one of the top tourist destination warmly embraced by South India. At its best, the state is a perfect mix and match of adventure tourism places that you can have a thrilling vacation in anytime of the year. Starting from Ooty, which is nestled in the heart of travellers as a refreshing hill station is also an ideal spot to enjoy boating amid the eucalyptus trees and the shining blue sky. Other tourist attractions which are just perfect for a trip full of leisure activity like boating are Kodaikanal lake, Pichavaram and Mahabalipuram beach. With that being said, other outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing, parasailing can also be given a try for the most memorable adventure holidays in Tamilnadu. Out of all the must visit places, Yelagiri tops the list as this diamond in the rough is your spot to take on activities like trekking and mountain climbing in Swamimalai Hills, which is one of the highest peaks in Yelagiri offering a fine vista and a height of 1322 m along with peaks like Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills.

Apart from which one can smile with joy giving zorbing, zip line, paragliding a shot. Nilgiris Green Lake Trek, Ooty trek, Kolli hills, Emerald lake are some other treks adventure lovers would love to pave their way in Tamilnadu crossing the meadows, lush forests, sweet scented tea plantations and sightseeing the rustic huts. From here we jump to the next adventure sport activity, paragliding which is best enjoyed in Yelagiri itself. This expedition to touch the sky is experienced from a height of 609 metres which just needs strong will and courage. Tamilnadu through its adventure tourism offers a melange of activities and fulfills wish of every type of travellers whether you are travelling solo or are on a family vacation. All that you are bound to have before setting your foot forth for adventure holidays here is the stamina to take on these activities and a will to achieve your goals.

Popular Adventure Activities in Tamil Nadu

  • Trekking

    Push your limits and touch down the gentle climb that Tamilnadu give forth via its many trekking trails enriched with dense forests, grasslands, criss crossing rivers, waterfalls and aromatic tea gardens.

  • Climbing

    Experience the bliss of lush orchards, green valleys and beauteous gardens from a new height when you ascend the rock formations and wave the flag of success on the summits offered by Tamilnadu.

  • Paragliding

    Gather courage and get ready to soar high from the popular hill stations and beaches in Tamilnadu where the whole sky is yours to embrace with just a paraglider and a harness.

  • Boating

    Soothe your soul trying the leisure activity of boating in your vacation to Tamilnadu and slowly ride through the pristine lakes and overpowering sea embosomed in the luxuriant forests and magical setting of nature.

Tamil Nadu Travel Information at a Glance

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