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Brimming with history and culture, and soaked in spirituality, Tamil Nadu is a home to a number of exceptional and marvelous museums. Keeping its tourism notoriety into thought, the state proudly houses more than 25 enticing museums, observatories, and art galleries. For history and cultural buffs, these museums and art galleries in Tamilnadu are the treasure trove for a leisure-filled holidays worth a cherish. Indian Seashell Museum in Mahabalipuram, Fort Museum in Chennai, Wax World Museum in Ooty, and Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore are just a couple of names when it comes to must-visit museums in Tamil Nadu. Whereas, Thanjavur Art Gallery in Thanjavur is one of the paramount museums which confers knowledge to tourists about the diverse culture and rich history of Thanjavur city. The age-old sculptures, arts and artifacts of Chola, Nayak and Pallava Dynasties epoch make this place significant and a must-see museum in Tamilnadu.

National Art Gallery in Chennai, a not to miss out historical spot that exhibits innumerable modern art and historic pieces of 18th and 17th century, which are displayed in four divisions - Tanjore Painting Gallery, Decorative Art Gallery, Raja Ravi Varma, and Indian Traditional Art Gallery. On top of that, there are several Government Museums in Tamilnadu that brag mankind's history covering anthropology, geology, epigraphy, and paintings of ancient time and are quite popular when it comes to tourism. The sightseeing tour in Chennai is incomplete without visiting kid's centric Birla Planetarium, which is a museum cum institute that imparts knowledge to kids about physical science, energy, life science, and innovations. For a fact, these are just a few names in the list of museums in Tamilnadu that proffer a kind of exposure and experience which can't be compared with other museums of the country.

Explore Popular Museums in Tamil Nadu

  • Gandhi Museum Madurai

    Established in 1959 in the memory of the Mahatma Gandhi, this Museum exhibits paintings, manuscripts, and sculptures along with the blood-stained cloth worn by Gandhi ji when assassinated. Read more

  • DakshinaChitra Museum Muttukadu

    A campus like museum where amazing antiquity artefacts along with journals and books await to give you an insight of South Indian heritage and culture. Read more

  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam House Rameswaram

    An ideal place to take a glance into the prodigious lifestyle of APJ Abdul Kalam. This two-storey building proudly houses several awards and pictures of the former president. Read more

  • India Seashell Museum Mahabalipuram

    Dotted with a collection of more than 40,000 shells, both rare and unique, the museum also houses a shopping bazaar, an aquarium pooled with ocean fishes, and a restaurant which serves palatable seafood. Read more

  • Kanyakumari Wax Museum

    One of the invincible tourist attraction in Kanyakumari is Wax Museum which is popularly known for housing wax statues of various personalities across the world. Read more

  • Government Museum Chennai

    Domiciled across the imposing Pantheon Complex, Chennai, Government Museum or Madras Museum holds a superb collection of ancient archaeology, sculptures, botany, geology, and anthropology in its 46 galleries. Read more

  • Gedee Car Museum Coimbatore

    For all the automobile fanatics, Gedee Car Museum delights you with its collection of more than 70 antique cars including the resplendent replica of first car of the world - 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Read more

  • Shembaganur Museum of Natural History Kodaikanal

    A collection of over 500 species of taxidermy birds, animals, and insects along with 300 species of exotic orchids together make a perfect place to impart knowledge to your kids about animal history. Read more

  • Chennai Rail Museum

    Celebrating the colossal Indian Railway network, Chennai Rail Museum delights you with its astounding presentation and a fabulous collection of rail heritage of India. Must take a toy train ride of the entire premises. Read more

  • Thanjavur Royal Palace and Art Gallery

    A concealed solitaire of Thanjavur city, Thanjavur Art Gallery is a home to ancient artefacts, manuscripts, photography, and sculptures from the Nayaka, Pallava, Pandya, and Chola periods. Read more

  • Fort Museum Chennai

    Reckoned to be one of the oldest surviving construction in Chennai, Fort Museum exhibits fascinating military memento and artwork from the British colonial times along with the historical artefacts of St. Mary's Church. Read more

  • G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition Coimbatore

    Giving tech ardents a chance to get astounded by the treasury of miscellany of scientific/electronic devices at G.D. Naidu Exhibition. On display, there are types of printer, typewriters, calculators, cameras, and lot more. Read more

  • Birla Planetarium Chennai

    Prized possession of Periyar Science and Technology Centre in Chennai, Birla Planetarium wins the hearts of the travellers with its eight splendid galleries. Physical science, energy, life science, and innovations are just a few names of the total.Read more

  • Cholamandal Artists' Village Chennai

    Clutched by the remarkable art and culture of Tamilnadu, Cholamandal Artists' Village is quaint a artist's town tucked away in the East Coastal Road in south of Chennai. Read more

  • Astrophysical Observatory Kodaikanal

    Comfortably arranged in the Astronomy Museum, Solar Physical Observatory proffers a great opportunity for tourists to look into the pictorials and models along with a live solar image of Fraunhofer Spectrum. Read more

  • Click Art Museum Chennai

    Crammed with remarkable 3D art, Click Art Museum is a perfect stopover to mesmerized by not just witnessing the art but participating and getting clicked with it Read more

  • M & N Chocolate Museum Ooty

    An ideal place worth a visit for all chocolate lovers is M&N Chocolate Museum. Along with its vintage architecture, the museum also houses the models of ancient chocolate, chocolate fountain, and chocolate making tools. Read more

  • Wax World Museum Ooty

    Go with the realistic expectations at Wax World Museum, Ooty. Arranged in a colonial mansion, the museum put on shows elite wax replicas of Indian revolutionists and politicians. Read more

  • Forest College Museum Coimbatore

    The government owned Forest College Museum is a home to various forestry artefacts like that of, wood crafts, wildlife, entomology, mycology, geology, arms, timber, and non-timber products. Read more

  • National Art Gallery Chennai

    Claimed to be one of the not-to-miss destination in Chennai, National Art Gallery give visitors a chance to seek a closer look at the history of the region through ancient paintings of 18th and 17th centuries. Read more

  • Railway Heritage Centre cum Railway Museum Tiruchirappalli

    Being a servant of erstwhile South Indian Railway, this museum serves as an Indian rail heritage center and exhibits vintage locomotive engines and functional toy train along with old documents and epoch artefacts. Read more

  • Archeological Museum of India Vellore

    Visit Archaeological Museum of India to be acquainted with the historical past of the city of Vellore through incredible art and sculptures from Pallavas Dynasty and Cholas Dynasty epoch. Read more

  • Government Museum Pudukkottai

    A rare collection of geology, anthropology, paintings, zoology, and botany make 103-year-old Government Museum a popular tourism destination in Pudukkottai. Bronzes and Sculptures of ancient era are the star attraction of the museum. Read more

  • Kanchi Kudil Kanchipuram

    Earlier an ancestral house and now converted into a heritage Inn. and museum, Kanchil Kudi depicts the rich culture of Kanchipuram through century old exhibits like large swing, paintings, photos, crockery items, and stove. Read more

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