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Kumbhalgarh Festival Rajasthan

A festival with a perfect amalgamation of art, culture and entertainment, Kumbhalgarh festival is an epitome of Indian culture.

About Kumbhalgarh Festival

Rajasthan is one such state of India where art and culture resides in abundance and its annual Kumbhalgarh festival is one such event that commemorates the contribution of Maharana Kumbh towards art and culture. The event is set against the backdrop of fort Kumbhalgarh (considered as the second largest wall after the Great Wall of China) and features some of the finest form of classical and folk dance, art camp and music show. Such is the popularity of the festival, that it hosts some of the finest talents of the country. It is a delight for the tourists to witness such a wide variety of art under one roof, giving them a true essence of Rajasthan. During the festival the fort is embellished with beautiful yellow lights making it look no lesser than a beautiful newly-wedded bride. Since the event is so engaging, often visitors end up shaking a leg or two along with the performers. The state tourism department have specially curated and nurtured this event for decades making it one of the well-known festivals of the country.

Dates of the festival: December 01-03, 2020

Special highlights of the festival:

  • The festival is divided into two sections. In the daytime there are exhibitions by the locals where they display regional specialities like ethnic wear, jewellery, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc. In the evening it is full of sound, light, dance and music.
  • Certain interesting competitions among locals and foreigners are conducted such as Pagadi Bandho (Tying the turban), Tug of war, musical chair etc.
  • Visitors can also witness the historical and quite popular puppet show

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Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan

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