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Dhulandi Festival Jaipur Rajasthan

With the arrival of spring, the festive fervour in the Pink City Jaipur gets at its peak, as Dhulandi, the most colourful festival of Rajasthan is celebrated.

About Dhulandi Festival Jaipur Rajasthan

Dhulandi Festival is typically celebrated on the second day of Holika Dahan as per Hindu calendar. Celebrated with a lot of zeal and gusto, the festival is not only popular in Rajasthan, but enjoys equal popularity in the northern part of India too. Jaipur, however witnesses one of the best festival celebrations on this day. One day prior, people light bonfire post sunset as per Hindu tradition and the next day people celebrate Dhulandi with playing with colours and water. To add some excitement people, pour and sprinkle coloured water on each other. Traditional drinks and delicacies are prepared which then is shared among each other. While locals are seen in their best mood celebrating this festival, tourists too are not left behind. They take keen interest in this festival and participate with full enthusiasm. To spread the festival mood everywhere, state tourism organises an exclusive event in the lawns of Khasa Kothi Hotel for the international tourists where they get a glimpse of the Rajasthani culture and tradition. Music and dance add to the charm of the festival. The popularity of this festival has increased to such an extent that it also gets involvement of Bollywood stars and singers to entertain the audience.

Dates of the festival: The festival is celebrated in the month of March, the next of Holika Dahan

Special highlights of the festival:

  • Dhulandi festival is celebrated as a tribute to the eternal love of Lord Krishna and Radha.
  • The festival typically starts in the morning where people play with water and colours. Evening it is more of a meet and greet with friends and relatives.
  • Varied delicacies are prepared to be exchanged and consumed during the festival.

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