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Matsya Festival Alwar

A flamboyant celebration of wealth, tradition and customs, the Matsya Festival of Alwar is one of the biggest festivals of Rajasthan.

About Matsya Festival Rajasthan

The colourful and vibrant Matsya Festival of Alwar is famous for its cultural performances, wide array of sporting activities and exquisite art exhibitions. Celebrated against the backdrop of Alwar's numerous forts and palaces, thick forests and lakes, the Matsya Festival attracts tourists with its delightful setting. Matsya literally translates to fish in Sanskrit. In Hindu mythology, Matsya is considered a symbol and one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

The festival in Rajasthan is famous for its adventure sports and it is considered a haven for adventure buffs. With its hot air balloon rides, parasailing and zorbing activities on offer, the Matsya festival promises to satiate all your adventure desires. The Matsya Festival also celebrates some of the most prominent traditional games of this region. The most prominent one is the Rumal Jhapatta. It is a game which requires exemplary speed and agility. Another popular game here is the Rassa Kasi or the Tug of War.In the women competition of Tug of War, the game is played wearing the traditional attire of ghagra choli. Don't forget to test your archery skills and play a game of Teer Andazi while attending this one of the biggest festivals in Rajasthan. Apart from the games, the flute recital is another attraction of the Matsya Festival in Alwar.

Festival Dates/Months: The Matsya Festival is usually held in the last week of November every year.

Special highlights of the festival:

  • It is a two-day festival and is called 'the Pride of Alwar'.
  • One of the biggest attractions of this festival is the Shehnai-wadan (Flute recital) performed by many esteemed artists.
  • An Archaeological Exhibition called the Dharohar, is organized at the site of the festival.
  • The Matsya Festival with its Alwar Darshan, offers the opportunity to get a closer look at the lifestyles and customs of the locals.
  • The game of Rassa Kasi /Tug of War is played by women wearing traditional attires.
  • The festival offers the chance to experience many water sports at the famous Siliserh Lake.

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