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Ranakpur Festival Rajasthan

Ranakpur Mahatsov (festival) is an authentic illustration of heritage and culture in a desert state of Rajasthan. Rich history and heritage along with its classic cultural display truly make it a must-see festival.

About Ranakpur Festival

Located in the Pali district, the city of Ranakpur transforms into a delightful setting during Ranakpur Festival which witnesses a melange of Rajasthani folk dances and Bharatnatyam adorned with music and vocal artists. It is an annual festival which provide a glimpse of the state’s heritage, art and tradition. Some fun activities which engage the visitors are hot-air ballooning, yoga, nature trails in the forests of Aravallis, visit to the Ranakpur temple, tug of war and many more. The festival also gives an opportunity for the tourists to visit Ranakpur Jain temple also known as marble Jain temple which is one of the best Jain temples of the city. After attending the festival, tourists can either choose to go to Udaipur or Jodhpur which is close by. To sum up Ranakpur festival is one of the most entertaining festivals of Rajasthan, which makes the city look colourful and lively, thereby attracting more and more tourists every year. The state has left no stone unturned to mesmerise its tourists with its historical sites, forts, mouth-watering cuisine, temples, desert and its annual festivals. Right from dance, music, mouth-watering local cuisine and vibrant costumes, there is something so special about Rajasthan festivals.

Dates of the festival: The festival is celebrated every year on 21st - 22nd December.

Special highlights of the festival:

  • The folk and classical performances are conducted in the evening, therefore tourists interested only in this can make a better use of the day by visiting nearby places.
  • The cultural programmes are conducted in the open air amphitheatre at the Sun temple, which gives a good coverage by the visitors.
  • Tourists including the foreign tourists are encouraged to participate in the competitions which helps in developing a sense of belonging among them.

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Ranakpur Rajasthan

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