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Udaipur World Music Festival Rajasthan

Celebrating the spirit of music, Udaipur World Music Festival is a symphony of classic tunes and soothing music.

About Udaipur World Music Festival

If music relaxes you, if you start tapping your fingers and toes along with the tunes, if it creates various emotions inside you head straight to the Udaipur World music festival. With a gamut of musical performances from world class musicians, it is certainly one of the best festivals of Rajasthan. Artists, performers, composers and musicians from Iran, Egypt, France, Portugal, Italy and India put up a magical extravaganza for three days in the language they know the best and common to them which is Music. While the music festival features some of the best live performances, The City of Lakes features one of its oldest Lake Heritage Hotel. The royal city of Udaipur is known for its hospitality and when it comes to organizing such high scale event this city fits the bill. The festival also gets a perfect time for celebration, just when there is transition from winter to spring. In order to highlight the beauty of the historic architecture of the city, the festival is celebrated at different venues. To set the tempo right different types of music is played at different time zones. The festival embarks with meditative and romantic notes, while the soothing melodies are reserved for sunny afternoons and the evenings will end at high energy concerts. Not only does this festival attract music lovers of all age group, it also provides an enriching experience for the people of Udaipur and other tourists.

Dates of the festival: Udaipur World Music Festival is hosted every year in the month of February for three days.

Special highlights of the festival:

  • There are around 150 artists from over 20 countries which participates in this festival.
  • Since the festival is held at various strategic venues, visitors also get a glimpse of these venues and a chance to understand their historical importance.
  • Such high scale three day musical event by world class performers is free to attend.
  • The festival is well managed and organised by SEHER who is quite well known for organizing various cultural events during the VVIP visits to India.

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