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Baneshwar Fair Rajasthan

Offering a glimpse of the rich tribal culture of the Bhils, the Baneshwar Fair is an opportunity to relish the rustic side of Rajasthan.

About Baneshwar Fair Rajasthan

Baneshwar Fair holds a lot of religious importance for the Bhils, a tribal community based in Rajasthan and the neighbouring states. This clan gather here in large volume making the festival look no less than a Kumbh Mela of tribes. The term Baneshwar is typically addressed to Lord Shiva and the shivalinga present in the Mahadev Temple which is situated near the confluence of the rivers Som, Mahi and Jhakad.

The fair has also become more popular with the construction of Lord Vishnu temple close by, thereby making it a fair double the delight. Devotees visit the Lord Shiva temple early morning offering prayers and conducting other rituals. Evenings become more colourful as the devotees are seen dancing around a bonfire, the very famous Rasleela performance takes place in the temple along with other activities like folk dance, acrobatics, magic shows etc. The excitement of youngsters is at its peak while sitting on the merry go round and while enjoying the swing ride.

Dates of the festival: The fair is an annual fair celebrated for four days in the month of January-February.

Special highlights of the festival:

  • Devotees offer ghee, fruits, flowers, coconut, rice, jaggery and cash to the gods.
  • A huge procession takes place during the festival in which a 16 cm silver idol of Saint Mavji is carried on a horseback.
  • There are various camps which are set up near the temple where pilgrims stay and enjoy the evening entertainment.
  • Ghoomar, a well-known dance form of Rajasthan that originated from the Bhil community is performed in the festival.
  • Various stalls are set up where jewellery, antiques, shawls and other local items can be bought.

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