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Kajli Teej Festival Bikaner

A monsoon festival celebrated with great zeal and pomp and show in Bundi and other parts of Rajasthan, Teej makes the rainy season even more charming.

About Kajli Teej Festival

Also known as Badi Teej, Kajli Teej add to the festivity of August in Rajasthan and several states in the north and central India. Celebrated on a fortnight (15 days) after the Haryali Teej; three days after Raksha Bandhan; and five days before Krishna Janmashtami, Kajli or Kajari Teej is a celebration time for married women who pray to seek blessings for their marital life. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival in Rajasthan is celebrated in the month of Shravan and Sawan and Bhadrapada. Though according to the Hindu calendar of North India, the festival is on Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month and as per the South Indian calendar, it falls during Krishna Paksha of Shravana month. However, in both calendars, Kajari Teej falls on the same day. On the day of the festival, the major attraction is the worship of Neem Tree by the married women. Lord Shiva is also worshipped on Teej, and the women observe a fast. Special songs are sung, and a large variety of dishes are served after the fast is broken.

Although the festival of Teej is celebrated across Rajasthan, Bundi in the Hadoti Region has a unique way of celebrating it. The festivity in Bundi continues for weeks or almost a month. Several rituals are followed along with a huge procession of goddess Teej that is carried out across various parts of Bundi, including the main market places. The procession includes elephants, camels, and bands and artists also perform. The replica idol of the Teej Mata is used for the festival, while the original idol made of gold and precious stone is preserved in the Bundi Palace. The replica is carried in the procession and then brought to Sukh Mahal, also known as Kipling’s Rest House.

A local fair is also held near Bundi where the handicraft of Rajasthan is exhibited by artisans coming from different parts of the state. Kataar, paintings, bangles, rural handicraft, trinkets, and eatables can be seen enhancing the charm of this two-day fair. During the fair, several competitions also take place, amongst the most important is the Algoza (a folk instrument) recital competition. Though the fair concludes in two days, the festival celebration continues till Janmashtami.

Festival Dates/Months: Every year, the festival of Teej is celebrated in the months of August in Rajasthan.

Special highlights of the festival:

  • Fairs are held around the state during Kajli Teej
  • The fair in Bundi is the most famous one
  • In Bundi, Kajli Teej Festival continues to celebrate for one month
  • In Kajli Teej, a procession is carried out with the replica idol of Teej Mata in Bundi
  • Married women wear new clothes, sing folk songs, and prepare delicious dishes.
  • A two-day procession is carried out in Jaipur on the occasion of teej

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