Nashik Vineyards in Maharashtra

Popularly known as the “Wine Capital of India”, Nashik is a city that is filled with abundant vineyards for you to explore and have hands-on experience of wine preparation. Nashik is a popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra precisely because of this reason. With approximately 50 vineyards, it is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Many of the vineyards have opened up their doors for public for wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard. This has effectively boomed the tourism in Nashik and made it a popular travel place in Maharashtra. With the speciality of producing and manufacturing red wine and white wine, it is hardly a surprise that Steven Spurrier, who is a renowned wine taster and connoisseur, has rated it between 13 & 17 on a 20-point scale where 13 stands for “Acceptable” and 17 stands for “Very Good”. However, wine tasting isn’t the only thing Nashik is famous for. While you’re there, you can also visit the famous religious spots of Nashik and enjoy a fulfilling stay.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

There are many vineyards which offer you accommodation options along with sightseeing of the vineyard property. Other than that, you can also enjoy relaxing spa, sumptuous food and most importantly wine tasting. Kayaking through the vast lakes and bike rides on the winding roads are also ways of destressing yourself in Nasik.

Getting There

To reach Nashik by flight, you need to avail air transportation to Mumbai or Pune Airport after which you will have to arrange for a rental car, bus or taxi to reach Nashik. The journey on road from Mumbai or Pune to Nashik will fairly take 4 to 5 hours. There is also a railway station at Nashik which connects you to major cities of India.

Best Time to Visit

Nashik experiences a very hot summer and chilly winter. With temperatures like 40 degree Celsius during summers and 7 degree Celsius during winters. Thus, the ideal time to spend your holidays to visit the Nashik Vineyards would be between the months October and March. You can also arrange a tour during the monsoons (as Nashik receives a plentiful amount of rainfall) if you’re a rain lover.

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