Bhigwan in Maharashtra

If you love to watch birds and enjoy tranquility, Bhigwan can be your next destination. Look forward to enjoying your weekend in the lap of nature. Bhigwan is a small town near Pune in Maharashtra. It is located on the Pune-Solapur Highway and is around 105kms from Pune. It is situated on the backwaters of Ujani Dam. This dam is constructed on Bhima River. The semi-waste water of the dam has created a shallow wetland and is a perfect breeding hub for migratory birds. Bhigwan is a favorite of many travelers who enjoy birdwatching and wildlife photography. Bhigwan is often called as ‘Bharatpur of Maharashtra’. It becomes a hotbed of migratory birds during winter. Around 1000 flamingos come to Bhigwan every year. Other species of birds which can be seen during winter are Painted Storks, Pond Heron, Garganey Duck, Gulls, Bar-headed geese, Raptors, waders and Demoiselle Cranes. The birds generally arrive between January and February. The concentration of the birds can be observed in two areas i) Diksal-Parewadi area and ii) Dalaj – Kumbharwadi area. It is best to carry some dry food and water along in the Bhigwan trip.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

Photography enthusiasts can hire boats to explore the wetlands. If you want to enjoy Bhigwan to the fullest, try to reach by 7 am in the morning. After 10 am the sun becomes scorching and it becomes hectic to look for the birds. Bhigwan is ideal for one-day trip. Take the boat ride before lunch and click some nice photos of the migratory birds. Local guides can help you locate the birds. You can get delicious fish meals for lunch in Bhigwan. The guides generally arrange the boat trips and lunch for the tourists. After lunch, visit the Mayureshwar Sanctuary nearby. It is another major tourist attraction in this area. You can locate beautiful Indian Gazelle also known as Chinkaras. These animals are generally shy and run away if you drive very close. It is best to park the car and walk around the sanctuary. The park is normally open until 5 pm.

Getting There

Travelers can reach Bhigwan by State Transport buses. It is approximately 105 km from Hadapsar, Pune. It takes around 3.5 hours to reach Bhigwan from Pune. Most of the travelers take their own vehicles to reach the town.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best time to visit Bhigwan. Birdwatchers and wildlife photographers visit the place between January and February.

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