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Vellayani Lake Kerala

Locally known as the Vellayani Kayal, Vellayani Lake is a prominent freshwater lake in Kerala. In and around the lake one can find abundant flora and fauna that can be best explored over a boat ride or a walk along the boulevard. It also happens to be known for its unique ecosystem. The lake got an intriguing past too. The story goes like this - once there was a beggar who was feeling thirsty, and his search of water made him visit a saint, who was meditating at that time. He wanted to give water to the beggar but her vessel was almost empty with only a few drops of water. He then took the last few drops from the pot into his palm and threw them as far as he could, saying a small prayer. Surprisingly, the place where the drops of water fell gradually turned into a big lake, which now known as Vellayani.

Getting There

Vellayani Lake is approximately 9 kilometers from the Thiruvananthapuram Central Bus Station at Thampanoor. From where buses ply to Vellayani Lake. And also from City Depot at East Fort.

Things to do and see in and around

Vellayani Lake is primarily known for its boating. If not boating then bask in sun at the green parks along the lake, which is just the perfect to enjoy picnic.

Best Time to Visit

Vellayani Lake is one of those places where iconic snake boat racing takes place during the Onam festival. Evidently, the best time to visit will be during the festival. For all those who wishes to escape the rush, the good time to visit will be from August to February.

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