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Samudra Beach Kerala

Samudra beach is a scenic place to visit in Kovalam. It blends fresh with whistling wind and warbling ocean. Samudra Beach at Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala has an absolute paradise kind of atmosphere with an inviting call to honeymooners. Its hush retreat and the feel of tranquillity is certainly a change from the usual city life. The real attractive part of this beach is the feeling of isolation itself and Samudra beach has perfectly maintained in preserving its authentic appeal.

Just stop and inhale the freshness of the southern air and get a sight of far away ships and bathe in the sun-kissed beach. This will surely make you appreciate the classic seashore as you gaze the far stretched Laccadive Sea. You can simply sit on the sea wall and witness the wondrous nature and beach life with waves that clash the hard rocks. Delight yourself with the abundance of coconut trees and palms in this beach that increases the beauty and charm of the perfect place to be on your Kerala holiday.

Getting There

Since Samudra beach is located close to the major Trivandrum stations, you can reach the beach via taxi or auto-rickshaw. You can hire a taxi from the dedicated location, preferred from the railway or airport. You can also opt for a bus if you want to travel in cheaper means.

Things to do and see in and around

Samudra beach main highlight is its soothing ambience and you can spend a day in the beach with leisure activities. However, there are attractive attractions you can visit near the Samudra beach like Ashoka beach, yet another least popular beach, cosy restaurants for a scrumptious meal and other nearby site like Kovalam Light house.

Best Time to Visit

The months between November to February are considered the best time to visit Kovalam. The temperature is moderate and it ranges from 16 degrees C to 34 degrees C.

  • Samudra Beach, Kovalam
  • Samudra Beach Kovalam, Kerala
  • Samudra Beach Kerala
  • Samudra Beach Kovalam

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