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Edakallu Kerala

Edakallu offers what every romantic two deserve. This beautiful attraction is a popular sunset view point that is located in Kovalam. Edakallu lies between the Lighthouse Beach and the Eve's Beach offering tourists to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset. You can simply hop from the beach as the sun sets and witness the glow that illuminates giving a pink sky and orange sleepy sun. A famous hotspot for copious shutterbugs and sightseers. This famous tourist spot provides a natural bonanza for Kerala.

Getting There

Edakallu sunset view point is located between Kovalam's two popular beaches - Lighthouse Beach and the Eve's Beach. Getting here you can avail a taxi or auto-rickshaw. You can hire a taxi from your dedicated location. You can also opt for a bus if you want to travel in cheaper means.

Things to do and see in and around

In Edakallu is a popular sunset view point, you will get heartwarming effect of the startling view. You can gaze at the sunset that deems the day. Since it is located between two beautiful beaches of Kovalam, you can also stroll along the shore line of Lighthouse Beach and the Eve's Beach.

Best Time to Visit

The months between November to February are considered the best time to visit this attraction. The temperature remains moderate and it ranges from 16 degrees C to 34 degrees C.

  • Edakallu, Kovalam

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