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Ramakkalmedu is a hill station located in the eastern Idukki district of Kerala State. The place has a folk tale attached to it…which says that a Hindu mythological God set his foot on a rock here, giving the place its name Rama-Kal-Medu. Amidst lush green trees and high rolling mountains, this place is a perfect spot to set a picnic plan with your friends or family. Statue of Kuruvan and Kuruthi is one of the attractions famous among the tourists that even Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, couldn't stop from visiting Ramakkalmedu. Other attraction is a 300 m high pillar like structure facing towards east direction from where guests can enjoy the scenic view of this charming village.

By seeing this place being blessed with strong wind flow the government of Kerala decided to use of this place for generating good electricity supply. Enjoy the view of beautiful hills covered with the plantation of various products like tea, cardamom, coffee, pepper and rubber during your visit to Ramakalmedu. The best thing about this place is that tourists can reach there by foot or their own vehicle and it parked without any trouble.

Best Time to Visit Ramakkalmedu

Tourist can visit this destination at any time throughout the year. Except in monsoon (June, July and August) and winter (November, December and January) the climate is very pleasant with bright sunshine. During Monsoons it is very rainy and evenings turns out to be way too colder with strong winds. Due to this rain, the trekking become more adventurous and lively as it adds more beauty to the mountains.

  • Ramakkalmedu Thekkady
  • Ramakkalmedu Thekkady, Kerala
  • Ramakkalmedu Thekkady
  • Ramakkalmedu Thekkady Kerala

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