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Periyar Tiger Trail Kerala

Set an ultimate trip to Periyar, which is known to be one of the largest and most visited wildlife forests in India. Tourists can experience ultimate horde of adventure with sightseeing, camping and trekking opportunities. As located close to Kerala, Tamil Nadu border, only a few kilometers off the national highway, makes it a perfect place to break the long journey across the Ghats between Madurai and the coast. Periyar Tiger Trail is all about exploring wild life along with the enchanting view of natures view. Local guides are here to help in exploring the area with complete security and knowledge.

Travel Program

The travel program is conducted by a team of poachers who are working as protectors of the forest. The program is conducted as two days and one night or three days and two nights. Travelers can also opt to take a ride in group with forest guards prepared with good communication equipment to help you in case of any urgency.


The trekking starts at 9:00 AM and ends by noon on second day.


The age limit for exploring this trip should be between 15 and 65 with positive medical conditions. Guests are requested to carry their travel kit while travelling.

  • Periyar Tiger Trail
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  • Periyar Tiger Trail, Kerala
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