Photography in Ladakh

It is impossible to not have a masterpiece shot when you come to Ladakh because the place itself is no less than heaven on earth. Its sheer beauty of natural vistas surrounds the entire region with dizzying altitude, heap of mountains and a huge field of sand dunes. Ladakh is called the crown of Indian Peninsula and why not? Its attractive exhibition of nature and its high altitude lakes invites people from their mundane photography destinations to Ladakh. “To every photographer’s lenses there is a canvas and the canvas is filled with colours with incredible work of God”. Ladakh is blessed with rugged mountains, picture-perfect lakes, undulating glaciers, magnificent monasteries and adding filters after photography maybe optional. Truly Ladakh is a destination for nature photographers and the adventure aficionados.

This exquisite place needs no introduction and for photography you can capture anything that comes on your way. And what intrigues an avid photographer the most is its calmness and the untouched beauty of the attraction. It maximizes the opportunity of the photographer to have a perfect photograph from the age-old monasteries, as each ruin has a deeper significance of Ladakh. High-spirited people, vibrating festivals and culture, dramatic landscape and pristine wildlife make Ladakh the hot-spot destination for photographers of all genres.

Its Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri lake, Tso Kar Lake are all major birding spots for bird photography. Besides, there is so much you will be taking back, those memories and photographs are the real souvenirs from you trip to Ladakh

Ladakh Tourism at a Glance