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About Machail Mata Yatra in Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, Machail Mata Mandir is a popular Hindu temple in Machail Village in Paddar, Kishtwar. The temple also known as Machail Mata Sthan is set amidst beautiful landscape comprising the green rolling hills, glaciers and tributaries of the Chenab River. The temple is also known as Chandi Mata Shrine as Goddess Durga is also called Chandi.

This Hindu temple is visited by a number of devotees during its popular Machail Yatra or Chhadi Yatra that starts from Chinote in Bhaderwah. A mace or Holi Chhari of Machail Mata is taken out by the devotees from village Chinote Bhaderwah and is taken to Machail, where on the first day of Bhadon (15th or 16th August) every year, the doors of the temple are opened and a grand fair is held. Devotees on their Machail Yatra throng the temple and offer prayers to the goddess and seek her blessings.

History of Machail Mata Temple

Machail Mata Temple was visited by Thakur Kulveer Singh of Bhaderwah, Jammu in 1981. He is credited to start the annual popular Chhadi Yatra' (holy mace) which has now believed to be the second-largest pilgrimage in the Jammu Region as it is visited by thousands of Hindu devotees.

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Mythology Behind Machail Mata Temple


According to the legends, the goddess appeared in a remote area in swayambhu (self-manifested) form. The shrine at Machail village has one pindi and three idols of Mahakali (Mindal), Mahalakshmi (Machail) and Mahasaraswati (Chitto Mata), which are believed to vibrate their jewellery by themselves without any air or outside force. Many pilgrims have reported the flickering of the eyes of the idols on their own.

How to Reach Machail Mata Temple?

There are buses from Jammu, Udhampur, Ramnagar, and Bhaderwah for Gulabgarh, which is the base camp of Machail Village. From Gulabgarh, one has to trek 32 km to reach the village where the holy shrine is situated.

The other quick and easy way to reach Machail Mata is by a helicopter. There is helicopter service available from Jammu that drops at a short distance of 7-8 minutes from the temple.

Best Time to Visit Machail Mata Temple

Machail Yatra that take place in the month of August (15 & 16 August) is the best time to visit Machail Mata Temple. However, devotees can also visit the temple between March and November. During the winter months between December and February, the temple becomes inaccessible.