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Showered with the blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi, Jammu makes for a destination where the tourists imbibe spirituality, beauty of nature, and rich heritage. Comprising ten districts, each with something incredible to add to the tourism, Jammu reflects why the state catches the eyes of every traveller, around the globe. Dotted with forts, palaces, and temples, and adorned with scenic landscape, this region in the state makes a perfect tourist destination for pilgrims, history buffs, and nature lovers.

Capital: Srinagar (May-October), Jammu (Nov-April)

Location: North India

Best Time to Visit Jammu:

Jammu's landscape diversity makes it a destination that can be visited throughout the year.

Why Visit Jammu:

For summer vacation, pilgrimage tours, trekking, mountain biking, motorbiking, culture, traditions, food, art & architecture.

  • 30°C to 45°C

    March - June

  • 25°C to 40°C

    July - September

  • 4°C to 20°C

    October - February

An Insight into Jammu Tourism

Largely popular as a Hindu pilgrimage, where devotees from across the world visit to seek the blessing of Mata Vaishno Devi, Jammu is a prime tourist destination that you must not miss out on. While, the pilgrimage tour makes the core of Jammu tourism, there are many surprises awaiting for you to unfold.

Divided into ten districts, this travel destination in Jammu & Kashmir speaks volumes about the undisturbed beauty of nature, incredible architecture, rich culture, and of course the spiritual aura. Jammu offers itself as a holistic holiday destination where you can plan family tours, adventure trips, as well as educational expedition.

Each district in Jammu has a unique travel experience to proffer, and that’s the beauty after all. Travellers booking a trip to Jammu for a spiritual getaway can never be disappointed. Apart from the famous religious destination of Vaishno Devi, the Jammu district is home numerous temples like Shri Raghunathji Temple, Shri Ranbireshwar Temple and Panchvaktar Temple. The Doda District in Jammu is home to 118 years old Jamia Masjid. It also houses Ziyarat Bangla Nallah, where Muslim pilgrims make offerings to get their cattle recovered from diseases. The Kishtwar District too is home to numerous pilgrimage destinations such as Shrine of Shah Asrar ud Din (RA), Shrine of Shah Farid ud Din Bagdadi (RA), Jamia Masjid, Gori Shankar Mandir, and Neel Kanth Mahadev Mandir. In Rajouri district along with the Hindu and Muslim shrines, a Sikh shrine called Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi showers the land with blessings. The other districts too are dotted with numerous shrines that are a must-visit for Hindu and Muslim devotion.

Adding more to the gorgeous skyline are several forts and palaces in Jammu that reflect glorious history. Amongst the most popular are the Bahu Fort, Akhnoor Fort, and, Mubarak Mandi Palace, Amar Mahal in Jammu district. In Kishtwar, Bhandarkoot, an old fort where grains were stored during the time of peace makes an important attraction. Apart from this, the Rajouri Fort, Dhanidhar Fort, and Chingus Fort/Sarai in Rajouri district, Poonch Fort in Poonch District, Samba Fort in Samba District, and Rang Mahal in Ramnagar are some of the major tourist attractions in Jammu for history buffs.

For those seeking a vacation in the lap of nature, Jammu ushers them to its Kishtwar and Doda districts. Adorned with breathtaking valleys, scintillating rivers, and lofty mountains, the tourist places in Jammu are everything you need for that relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Kishtwar is the upland valley in Northeast side of Jammu from where the scenic panorama of Great Himalayan Range can be relished. The Chenab River adds more to the beauty of this district in Jammu. Dacchan, Marwah, Wadwan, Padder & Chatroo are major tourist spots in Kishtwar. In Doda District, lush forest, snow-clad peaks, virgin trekking routes and majestic Chenab River invites for an exhilarating experience. Doda also makes for an incredible adventure destination as well as a health retreat.  Lal Draman and Dal Draman, Jasmia Masjids & Ziyarats, Vasukinag Temple and the Kailash Yatra and Gupt Ganga are some of the top sightseeing spots in Doda.

A cultural enthusiast has a chance to witness the culture and traditions of Jammu through its fairs & festivals. The land of Dogras, Gujjars, Chibali, Sudhan, and many others, Jammu see a cultural diversity which is well reflected in its festivities. Among the major fairs & festivals in Jammu are Lohri, Baisakhi, Shivratri, Bahu Mela, Chaitre Chaudash, Purmandal Mela, and Jhiri Mela. Jammu’s cuisine is not to miss while you explore the region. The Dogri dishes are quite flavoursome and aromatic, and thus missing out on them will be the biggest regret. Amongst the top dishes in Jammu are Ambal, Khatta Meat, Kulthein di Dal, Kashmiri Aloo Dum, Phirni, Kashmiri Pulao, Dal Patt, Maa da Madra, and Auriya. However, it is also adviced to go beyond this and try Jammu’s traditional dishes like Morel (Gushi) Palov, Madra (lintel cooked in curd), Oria (Potato/Pumpkin in mustard sauce), Maani, Khameera, Katha Meat (Sour Mutton), Shasha (raw mango chatni), Kasrod and Timru-di-Chatni,Shiri Pulav, Mitha Bhat (Sweet Rice) for a memorable gastronomical experience.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Jammu

While Mata Vaishno Devi catches all the eyeballs in Jammu, the region nonetheless is replete with surprises for nature lovers, history buffs, as well as culture aficionados and adventurers. Jammu speaks volumes about its glorious forts like Bahu and scenic and enthralling destinations like Bhaderwah. There’s indeed something for everyone in Jammu to relish and cherish forever.

Top Hotels & Resorts in Jammu Region

Jammu leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation options. There’s no dearth of staying places in the main Jammu City, which boasts options ranging from luxury to heritage to buget hotels. The other tourist attractions in Jammu also render decent accommodation availability, ensuring wherever you go you get the comfort of a cozy bed and the taste of the fine Jammu hospitality.

Top Things to Do on Your Holiday in Jammu

The surreal and tranquil Jammu is a hub of several activities that assure an amazing vacation. From performing pilgrimage at Mata Vaishno Devi and Amarnath to trekking and camping in the picturesque lap of nature in Doda District to imbibing the rich culture and savouring delicious traditional food, Jammu overwhelms you with plenty of things to do and makes your holiday experience unparalleled.

Jammu Travel Information

Get details into useful travel information to plan a trip to Jammu with convenience. Find insights on top places to visit, season-wise weather condition, transport services and best activities. Also, take a look at our meticulously curated map that helps you navigate all the top sites in Jammu.