Kishtwar National Park

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  • Jammu & Kashmir

About Kishtwar High Altitude National Park

Spread in an area of around 2190 sq km, Kishtwar National Park or Kishtwar High Altitude National Park is one of the major wildlife destinations in Jammu & Kashmir. The national park in Kishtwar attracts wildlife lovers with its rich flora & fauna which comprises musk deer and Himalayan brown bear. The wildlife reserve offers great trekking opportunity adding more to the thrill of exploration.

History of Kishtwar National Park:

Kishtwar National Park was declared a national park on February 4, 1981.

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Fauna in Kishtwar National Park


The national park boasts a large number of wildlife species like:

  • Brown Bear
  • Snow Leopard
  • Himalayan Black bear
  • Musk Deer
  • Indian Muntijal
  • Ibex
  • Markhor
  • Serow
  • Wild boar
  • Bharal
  • Rhesus Macaque
  • Hangul or Kashmiri Stag

Birds in Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park is home to a wide variety of bird species like:

  • Himalayan Monal
  • Himalayan Snowcock
  • Koklass
  • Bearded Vulture
  • Himalayan Snowcock
  • Western Tragopan Himalayan Jungle crow
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Paradise Flycatcher
  • Golden Oriole
  • White Cheeked Bulbul
  • Indian Mynah

How to Reach Kishtwar National Park?


There are buses and cab service available till Ikhala (Tangdoor). From Ikhala one can either go by foot or on ponies to Kishtwar National Park.

Where to Stay in Kishtwar National Park

There are Forest Rest Houses available in Ikhala, Sounder, Sirshi And Yourdu (Marwah).

Best Time to Visit Kishtwar National Park

The months between September to May are the best for animal sighting and birdwatching in Kishtwar National Park.

Things to Know:

  • For trekking in the summer months (March to May), carry trekking shoes, raincoat, and light clothing.
  • For trekking in the winter months (September to February), carry trekking shoes, heavy woolens, waterproof windcheaters.